Sasural Simar Ka 31st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 31st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
aman asks simar what did roli say to you? Simar says I and roli decided that we will go to meet leela. So we can know what she wants to tell me. Mata ji comes in home with mausi ji and sujata. simar said hide this letter. Roli said do something . Simar hided it in garland of temple. Mata ji said why are you both standing there come and take parsad. Mara ji wonders why didn’t roli tell about the letter. roli says I don’t what she is talking about. simar says I and roli are thinking how to go to bus stop. roli said how will we go to meet them. simar said but we have to go. why leela was so worried. I think it will be better if we go alone. Roli says you don’t wanna see me in trouble? how can I let you go alone. we will go together. simar said lets go to our rooms. once sid and prem are slept we will meet her. roli said we will meet at 11:40 here. Simar says when everyone slept in the house I came in hall at 11:30.I saw someone in the hall. I thought its roli. simar went to her and said roli lets go before someone sees us. Simar held her hand. but suddenly she saw roli coming from upper corridor. She realized she is not holding roli’s hand. Simar is dazed. She said if roli is there then who is she? Simar says I am very scared. SHe turned back and looked at the hand she is holding. The woman’s face is covered and her eyes are green. Aman says simar relax who is she? do you know her. Recognize her. simar says its all dark her eyes are scary and I am frightened. I can only see her eyes. Roli says why don’t I remember all this? aman says what is she saying to you? simar says I don’t get anything I don’t remember anything. I am so scared. Aman says try to recalls it simar. Simar is quite. Aman says what did she say? simar says I don’t remember anything. aman says try to focus and recall what she said to you. Simar says my throat is dried. When I looked at the clock its 3 am. Everyone is dazed. Simar says I am in sanju and Anjali’s room. They are both asleep. I drank water and slept. Aman says you were with that woman in hall at 12 and with kids at 3. what happened in these 3 hours. Did you go outside the house? try to focus. Prem says aman I cant see her like this. please take her out of this. roli sys she is in so much pain please. Sujata says please aman. aman says all right. aman says relax simar, its okay. you are in your house and your are sleeping. I will count till 3 and you will be back among us. He counts till 3. Simar opens her eyes. She looks at prem. Simar stands up and says what happened. prem says are you kay? simar says did I go to bus stop? Aman says we couldn’t find it. We just found that you planned to go to bus stop with roli and you saw some woman in the hall. Aman tells her everything. He says no one remembers what happened between 12 and 3. you met them and you were not in your mind. inspector says aman after CCTV footage you have proved that simra has kidnapped daksha ba and leela. But I cant say that in court but the questions in your hearts must be answered. I will arrest you simar. mata ji says no one know what happened to simar between 12 and 3. inspector says please let me do my duty. Court need proofs. bring a lawyer that can get her bail. Sujata says you cant do this. Roli says aman please do the same hypnotize therapy with me to. Maybe we can find a clue. roli says please give us a little time. mata ji says please we can save an innocent this way.

aman starts hypnotizing roli. roli says its 11:35 sid is asleep. I opened the door and went out. Didi is in the hall. I said didi lets go its 11:45. why are you not saying anything? When roli turned simar towards her she is staring at her. roli said what are you staring didi? Roli saw a woman’s shadow and when she turned its the same woman with green eyes. aman says relax try to remember did you and simar go out? roli says I am in my room and its morning. My head is aching, sid is asking me to take medicine but I refused. aman says even roli doesn’t remember what happened between 12 and 3. aman says you are in your house, I will count till 3 and you will get up. roli opens her eyes. Simar says the solution is to go with cops. Prem says what are you saying? simar says if I don’t go with cops daksha and leela’s life will be in danger. Roli says no you cant go. prem says don’t worry I will get you bailed. inspector arrests her. aman asks sid to go to his room.

aman says do you believe she is roli? Sid says what is it? Aman says did this happen before roli came back? Sid says no. aman says this means that it all started with roli’s come back. sid says if you weren’t prem’s friend, aman says you would have broken my face. AMan says did you leave roli alone for any moment? He says no, when I used to go to doctor someone from house was with her. maybe something like this happened to you. Sid says what you wanna say? He says I doubt roli is behind all this.

Precap-simar is in jail and some woman is with her in the cell. simar is scared.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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