Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 31st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 31st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ratna gets irked seeing house being decorated for Mahabharath theme party and asks servants to be careful. Suhasi brainwashes her that Soniya is celebrating this party for her shop and in Dubai they don’t like thse low class parties. Ratna says she should have thought at least about my class. Daad/Daadi come home back from trip and get excited hearing about mahabharath theme party and says Ratna that they are proud of Raghav and Soniya for arranging such an epic party. Ratna says they have come tired and would not like disturbance. They say they are relaxed after trip vacation and would like partying. Ratna asks them to change and rest first.

Raghav rehearsals his diaglogues in the party nervously. He asks servant to help him, but he runs. He then asks Fruity to tell dialogues, but she also runs saying he should get perfect first.

Khan comes to Roy mansion with Cintu for the party and gifts Soniya his hand-made sweets. Soniya says Daada/Daadi that khan prepares sweets every year for shop’s anniversary. Khan says time may change, but emotional bonding will not.

Abhiman comes and gives flower bouquet to Soniya. Ratna sees him and gets happy. Daadi asks what part they are playing individually. Deepika says she is playing Karan and Raghav Arjun.

Play starts with Anjali hosting it as Sanjay, who was Dhritarastra’s personal servant, and tells story of Karan and Arjun who were brothers. Chintu comes disguised as Krishna and Raghav as Arjun who tells he is confused that he has to fight with his dear ones. Krishna says duty is important than relationship and he has to think only about goal and nothing else. Sanjay then introduces Karan who helped Kauravas in Mahabharat. Deepika disguises as Kunti and Soniya as Karan. Kunti calls Karan. Karan says she is Pandavas’ mother, then why did she come to meet a common man. Kunti says she is his son and she had to leave him under tough circumstances, she was unmarried mother. Abhiman gets emotional and tears run down his cheeks. Karan asks Kunti why did she come. Kunti says she wants him to forgive his brother Arjun and be with him in mahabharath battle. Karan says he cannot betray his friend duryodhan who made him his boydguard form a common man. Sanjay then continues story about Karan and Arjun’s fight.

Karan and Arjun’s fight starts. Kunti says either it is Arjun or Karan’s death, loss his hers and asks them both to unite to stop Mahabarath battle. Krishna plays shanka and starts battle. Karan and Arjun point arrow towards each other. Arjun then bows down and says he cannot kill his own brother. Soniya gets happy seeing this scene and looks at Abhiman.

Precap: Soniya and sisters discuss that it is getting difficult to unite Raghav and Abiman. Ratna hears their conversation, and they get tensed seeing her standing in front of them.

Update Credit to: MA

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