Sasural Simar Ka 30th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 30th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piyush says to Rosy what are you doing? I am sorry. I mean this is so simple. rosy says why don’t you go tell him who you are and what you are here for. Please leave me alone.. She says I am sorry I shouldn’t have said that. piyush says I should be sorry I wasted your time. Piyush says I don’t want you in trouble. Rosy says I will do as you say and this time i will convince him.

Simar is on her way.
Rosy says to Prem sir would you like going with me for coffee? Prem says what? She says I mean we will discuss this project on coffee. prem leaves. He turns back.. Prem says lets go. I don’t have much time. Piyush says go. Rosy goes.
Simar arrives at office and sees prem with Rosy. They sit in same car. simar says I think Prem has moved on in life. Is that true?
She looks at the office name and asks driver are you sure Piyush works here? He says yeah I am sure. Simar says Piyush is working for Prem.
Roshni calls Piyush and tells him Simar is coming. He says it is going to mess up. She is here. I will think of something.
Piyush says to the receptionist Dipa, please save me. A lady would come here and tell her there is no Piyush here. Dipa says why should I lie? Piyush says she wants me to get married to her daughter. She is a neighbor. please say that. she says okay.
Simar comes in Piyush hides. Simar says does Piyush work here? dipa says ma’am no Piyush works here. SImar says do you remember all names.. Simar says he is new. Can you check your records. She says yes I will. she checks the records and says there is no Piyush here. Simar says driver must have done mistake.
Piyush comes out and says thank God.
Driver says I dropped him here. Simar says I will ask him when he comes home.
Piyush says what will I say home.

Scene 2
Shanaya says to Anjali I have taken out that arjun’s number and sent it to you. And this real estate agent, his number too. Anjali says thank you so much. Shanaya leaves. Anjali calls the agent and says I want an apartment on rent in Mumbai. He asks will you live alone? She says yes. he says 20k rent and 1 lac deposit. Anjali says 1 lac.. He hangs up.
Anjali says where will I bring 1 lac from. Dad blocked all my cards.

Simar comes home. Simar recalls what happened.
Prem and Rosy order coffee. Waiter says if you want same them special lovers cup.. Prem says shut up and bring it. Piyush is on another table.
Rosy says what is your favorite weather sir? Rain? prem says don’t waste time and talk about work. He talks about the project.

Mataji says I won’t eat anything unless Simar comes back. Kaka says to Kb I am tired of this. Khushi says if he leaves then we will have to do everything. Pari says we were planning for your increment and you want to leave. Khushi says she right. Don’t talk about leaving work anymore. Mataji is looking at Mataji’s picture.
uma says I can’t forget that day, pari says me neither. They look at Sujata’s photo.
Prem says why are you not drinking coffee? I have no interest in weather. My time is wasted here. Come to office and bring the file. He leaves. Piyush comes to Rosy.Rosy says you are here. You saw his reaction. He is mad at me. Piyush says there is no room for someone else. now just have to see if maa’s still there in his heart.

Piyush comes home, Simar asks where you work? He says telecom company. Simar says don’t lie. Piyush says why would I lie? Simar says where driver dropped you was not your office neither was it some telecom. Why are you not answering? Piyush says I don’t know where he took you. He can’t remember roads. Driver says I remember roads. Once you were asked to come at hospital you came to hostel. He says thats because my english is weak. Piyush says see maa. Simar puts Piyush’s hand on her head and says swear on me that you are not doing anything wrong. Piyush says I swear I am not doing anything that would ashame me in front of you, or ashame you in front of world. I am not doing anything wrong.

Simar recalls Prem with Rosy. She is in tears. Simar says Prem has moved on. Has he forgotten me? No Prem ji you can’t do this. There was place for me in your heart. This can’t happen. Sumit sees her crying.

Precap-Piyush asks Rosy to write a love letter. Rosy says I will be fired. Prem says Rosy you wrote this? Rosy says sorry sir. Prem says you are fired.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. P.N. Bhargava

    The serial is becoming nonsense and boring.wind it up.

  2. intresting ssk now…love prem nd premar

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