Meri Saasu Maa 30th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 30th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Police Station
Pari gets him out on bail, and he happily leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Market
While preeti and chaaya are in the market, they discuss the latest jewellery designs, and how they are unable to afford it. guptaji comes and says that if she works hard enough, she can earn it. chaay is boggled, and asks what. he gives her a packet and asks her to see for herself. preeti complies. they find that its laden with money. he asks her to do a small favour, and thats to get bunty out of the jail, and get him to guptaji. she listens intently.

Scene 3:
Location: Maasa’s residence
In the presence of family members, pari and bunty commence with the marriage rituals, while the priest completes all rituals, and declares them man and wife. chhaya and preeti fume amongst themselves. maasa thanks the priest for this. bunty happily says that he got everything that he wanted, and shall be with them, for years ahead, and takes her blessings. then pari says that she wishes to say something, and asks if he actually wants to take her to the home, where she has already stepped in as the bahu, as his wife. she says that she wont step in the house like that. she says that she maybe his wife, but she shall be his life partner only when he complies to her requests.she tells him that he shall have to protect her in a gentleman manner, become respectable, get a decent earning, and he can take all the time he wants, and the day he fulfills the wishes, then she shall be his in all manner. she asks him to become a good man first, and leave his hooliganism, and become a good citizen. she asks him if he accepts her terms. all are tensed. bunty eyes her stoically. but he smiles, and agrees to his conditions, while her father too wishes the same for bunty. bunty assures him that he shall do exactly as his daughter wants, and seeks his blessings, and gets them too. he then goes to other members of the family, and hugs kamlesh too. PAri smiles. he takes it as a challenge. she asks him to try destiny, since that only brought them together. saying so, she leaves. he tells maasa that pari is very egoist and exactly like her. maasa smirks at that comment, and asks him to buck up. he is determined to accept the challenge. maasa asks him not to get adamant, but do it due to love. they both leave for dinner.

Later, in their room, kamlesh continues to be taunted and chided by chhaya, who is disgusted with the u-turn kamlesh took. he asks her to stay shut, and let him concentrate. she reminds him what he had promised, and what he did. chaaya says that they thought they would get everything. he asks her to stop being greedy, and that bunty only got him and her out of this. she says that he is useless, and now she has to come into action. he asks what does she mean and what does she plan to do. suddenly, bunty knocks and gets in. she composes herself and pretends to be happy. she gives him a gift too. he then excuses himself to talk to kamlesh. chaaya gets the signal and sides. bunty requests kamlesh for a job. kamlesh says that he shall try him for the manager post in the company of his friend. bunty complies, and when kamlesh expresses his concernes for guptaji’s evil plans, bunty assures him that he wont let anyone pose any danger to the family. then he leaves. again, chaaya starts reprimanding him, while he asks her to stay in her limits, and asks her to stay shut. she is shocked, as he leaves. she opens the wardrobe and takes out a packet, and then eyes the phone. she dials a number, and starts speaking to Guptaji, saying that she shall do what is told to her by him, and shall do it tomorrow. she takes down instructions from him.

As bunty tries to enter pari’s room, preeti stops him, and asks him to pay up for entry. he finds the room set in romantic decor, while preeti makes her demand. pari tells her that token money shall be given by a job, and if he doesnt have one, then how can he pay. preeti leaves. he gets ahead. She asks where is he going. he says that he is going to bed for resting. she retreats and reminds him, of his promise. he asks her not to continue taunting him. she retreats and falls on the bed, and gets nervous. he eyes her and says that he shall not go anywhere leaving her. as she sits nervously, he retreats, and then leaves the room. he then goes and lies down on the roof. Inside the room, pari eyes the closed door, tensedly, while bunty stands on the other side of the door, hesitant to get in. finally, he leaves. then she opens the door, and finds him sleeping on the roof. she lies on the other side of the bed, separated by him, from a line of clothes, left to dry. maasa comes and is boggled at first to see them sleeping like that, but then smiles. she prays to the lord, hoping that pari is always happy with him, and hopes sattu’s soul approves of this. she blesses them.

The next morning, when they wake up, they find their hands intertwined into each other’s separated by the line of clothes. pari wakes up, and is enraged finding him like this, and wakes him up. he gets up startled, and says that there was noone when he came to sleep. she reprimands him for his mischeif, while he says that he didnt do anything like that. he teases her, that destiny is bringing them together. she rubbishes it off and leaves. he eyes her smilingly. the screen freezes on his amused face.

Precap: The next morning, bunty and pari, both find themselves outside the same building, and each ask the other how is that person there. she asks if maasa sent him. he denies, and asks whats she here for. she says that she came here for compromise with guptaji. he says that he too came here for the same. she says that she very well knows his methods of compromise, blackmail, hooliganism, and extortion, but she doesnt want any of that. they both eye each other tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. I need the name of the song and movie which was played in background during today’s episode


      Tu jahan main wahan from Salaam Namaste

    2. Katherine Arora

      Tu jahaan from movie salam namaste

  2. Pari forget sattu ji so easily after marry bunty ji and also remove sattu ji pic

  3. Woh aisa behave kar rahe thi jaise woh aapne second marriage ke wait kar rahe ho she is so happy with bunty and sattu ko bhul gaye idiot pari

  4. I think pari will give into bunty n she will end up falling I love with him

  5. Jada

    I actually like Bunty now..

  6. I don’t like bunty

  7. Bekwas show

  8. Katherine Arora

    Siddarth is doing his job as a actor..please don’t blame him.. actually he very good guy in real life

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