Sasural Simar Ka 30th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 30th April 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 30th April 2013 Written Update

Simar informs Prem that she told Mataji about Roli and she was very happy. Everyone else at home is also happy and they are leaving today to come to Kishangadh. Simar says now there is only one problem… I hope I will be able to take out Roli from his trap. Prem tells her he is also coming to Kishangadh and both are excited and waiting for the time when Roli will be with them.

Roli is thinking about Veeru telling her that Simar saw them and they will have to leave this house as soon as possible. Some goons come there and say, Vikram and Vidya what did you think that you will save from us? Come out before we break the door. Roli seems them from a window and gets scared. Veeru comes and says in his mind that it’s plan and he won’t Roli go without marrying him. Roli sees him. He tells her they are sent by Simar and her family. Goons say today is last day for you two.. we will end your love story. Veeru pretends as if he cares for Roli a lot and says I can’t let anything happen to you. He goes to window and signals goons to do something. He tells Roli they are same people who attacked on them before. And there is only one solution to save from these people which is getting married. He says we will go to temple from here and get married. Goons throw a rock and break window. Roli get scared. Veeru tells Roli tomorrow is last day for navratri which is a very good to get married.. may be Devi ma wants this too. He asks, I am right, right? Roli says yes in fear. Veeru gets happy.

Sid is leaving and is very excited to see Roli. He doesn’t know what he will tell to her. Naina comes in his way and says, may be destiny didn’t want us to get married. She apologizes for her behavior with family. Whole family comes there. Naina continues, I proved myself that I am not for you. Sid says, mistake is not yours.. mistake is mine.. and I don’t know how did it happen. When I know I love Roli a lot, then how can I do this mistake? Mataji tells Naina, don’t worry.. we have told you before.. you and your child are our responsibility now.. you can still stay here. Naina asks if she can go with them to bring Roli. Mausji and Sujata say, don’t know how Roli has been.. and if you come along then she may not like it. Naina says I won’t tell anything to Roli.. despite Roli being alive… I asked to get married to Sid which is bothering me a lot.. and I want to correct my mistake by bringing Roli and Sid together again. Mataji agrees saying Naina’s intentions are good. Everyone leaves. Naina and Khushi smile at each other.

Simar is hiding outside Veeru’s house. She says I am here since so long and no one came and no one left the house.. how can I find out how is Roli. She goes to check and sees window glass is broken. She gets worried for Roli and finds door is locked. She says that means Veeru ran away with Roli? She says this can’t happen.. Roli can’t go away after coming so close to me. She thinks maybe Veeru went away locking Roli inside. She goes in.

Veeru and Roli are in temple.. ready to get married. Roli says to God, I don’t know if I am doing right thing or wrong by doing this marriage. That’s why I am leaving everything to you. I just want goodness to win.

Simar doesn’t find anyone in the home and she doesn’t know what to do. Where to find Roli. She wonders where Veeru can take her.

Precap: Same goons come to the house and find door locked. They say to each other.. we did so much drama last night and this is what we get? He left to get married with the girl. Simar heard that and says they must have went to temple. I will have to do something to stop this.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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