Saraswatichandra 30th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 30th April 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 30th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras getting into his room and closing the door, locking himself inside. Everyone asks him what happened. Saras cries being alone, thinking about his mother. Kumud gets worried, Badimaa tries to speak to him. Saras tells Vidyachatur that he is fine, and they should leave him alone for some time. Vidyachatur asks him to talk to him, but Saras says please give me some time. Sunny says Saras now wants to be alone, now he will not understand anyone, he will be normal in some time, lets leave from here.

Badimaa says Vidyachatur that few pains must be beared alone. Everyone leaves. Badimaa looks at Kumud and cries. Kumud becomes restless and sits there crying and thinking what have she done.
She thinks what Saras told her, that he will be living alone the whole life, and he does not want to relate with anyone.

Sunny comes to Kumud, and sits by her side. Kumud says we have left him alone, will do he anything. Sunny says he is not so weak, he tries to fight himself being alone, as he had nothing else to do. He is not close to his father, after his mother dies, his communication with his dad decreased. Kumud feels soory for Saras. Sunny says Saras feels the pain himself. He came here only for you Kumud. Why? What does this mean? Kumud asks what do you mean. Sunny says I want to say that your words affect him, you can help him change himself. Sunny says Saras is a very good man, he too wants to be happy and to live life, please help him. Kumud leaves thinking about Sunny’s words. Kumud thinks how Saras reacted to his victory with so much joy.

Kumud’s mother goes to Saras and sees the door closed. Ghuman comes there and taunts her saying it all happened because of Kumud, is she happy now? She says she wants him to eat anything. Ghuman asks her not to worry about him. They argue a bit, Ghuman knocks Saras’s door and asks him to open the door as she has brought food for him. Saras does not reply.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Badimaa sees Kumud and goes to her. Kumud says Saras is very much sad. His mother left him in such a way that why will he want to think about his childhood. I have hurted him again. Badimaa says you did all this because I told you to do so. Kumud says I am unable to do anything seeing that he is much hurt, I have brought all the bad memories in front of him. Someone should understand him, help him, she asks Badimaa to do anything.

Kumud comes to Saras and says why are you giving the pain to yourself. You have to come out, and I will wait for you to come out, till then I will not go from here. She sits outside the door while Saras is inside the room. They both sit the same way. Kumud waits for him outside and sleeps there while sitting.

Kusum comes there and asks why she is sleeping here. Kumud says she was restless yesterday so she came here and didn’t know when she slept. Kusum says why she is doing so much for Saras, is it only for Badimaa. Kumud says she does not know anything, she has to fulfill her promise. Kusum says Saras is adamant. Kumud says he does not know anything, he has to open the door.

Kumud then recits a bhajan for Saras to listen. Everyone gather in the Puja and see if Saras is joining.

The bhajan ends and everyone turn to see Saras coming there. Everyone smile and are happy to see him. Saras comes to Kumud, suddenly someone knocks the door.Kumud offers him aarti. Saras takes the aarti. Vidychatur is happy to see Laxminandan. Saras and Badimaa are shocked to see him. Laxminandan looks at Badimaa and she leaves. Ghuman comes there and joins them. Saras touches his feet. Laxminandan says he had to cancel few meetings. Vidyachatur and Laxminandan think about their times. Kumud touches his feet too. He says Laxmi does not touch feet, Vidychatur smiles. He says he is not tired after seeing them. Laxminandan is happy to see few changes in Saras.

Vidyachatur says see your son knows your choice and praises Saras. Kumud’s mother says that Laxminandan does not know that Saras has said no to the proposal. Vidyachatur says he knows everything as he has informed him as soon as he came to know about it. He felt very bad hearing this. He always had a dream. She asks does he know Saras went to jail. He says yes, how could I hide it from him. She says its his goodness, but we have to apologise to him. Laxminandan comes there and says why will you say sorry. I have to say you sorry as Saras did not tell me that he had rejected Kumud. He says he don’t know what problem Saras have as he has not seen a life partner in Kumud. Vidyachatur says he is not hurt, he is like my son. Kumud thanks Laxminandan that he came here. There is no change in their friendship after all happened. Laxminandan says he is lucky to have a friend like Vidyachatur. Kumud says he has to understand Saras sometimes.

Kumud makes Saras sit beside his father Laxminandan to dine.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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