Sasural Simar Ka 2nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
sujata says we’ve to bring sunnaina as Simar in front of anjali. Mata ji says we’re enough for her. Sujata says we’ve to do this to save her. Mausi ji says we’ve to do this for anjali. Mata says why would she come for us. Sujata says i’ll bring her at any cost. Surbhi says please mata ji agree for anjali. Mata ji says okay If you’ll think its better for her then we’ll bring her. Roli wonders what will vikran do.

Scene 2
sunnaina says to simar i can’t believe the man i loved so much killed me. Vikran comes in. He asks simar why her eyes are red simar says just little itch. He says i’m going to drop karthik at airport he’s going to dehli. He leaves. Sunnaina says he’s sending him to save him. Simar says i’ve to tell roli that he’s coming to dehli.Simar calls roli and says karthik is going to dehli. He was about to confess but vikran stopped him so its clear that they are both partner in crime. All our efforts are in vain. Roli tells her about anjali’s condition. Simar says i’ll come to dehli my daughter needs me. Roli says will vikran agree? She says vikran has to. Simar says i’m coming to you anjali. Sunnaina says don’t worry simar anjali will be fine. Simar says the story that started from dehli will end there. Sunnaina says who will look after sanju. Simar says i’ve always considered her my daughter. From now i’ve two daughters. Sanju and anjali. That’s my promise. I’ll talk to vikran about going to dehli.

Scene 3
vikran comes home. He asks simar why is she up ? Simar says my daughter anjali is not well. She said she’ll only take medicine If i come there. Bharadwaj family has asked to come in front of her as simar. He says i can’t allow that. Simar says i’m not asking you. I’m telling you. I kept my promise and left my daughter. I’ve missed her every moment. Today its about her life and she needs me, her mom. She is asking for me. I know she’ll be fine when she’ll meet me. He says no simar what about your promise. She says i’ll break it. No promise can stop me. No power on earth can stop. If you say yes i’ll take anjali and go there. If you say no i’ll still go there.

Scene 4
baba and vikran are sitting. Doorbell rings. Vikran opens the door. Its sujata with prem and sid. Prem says she’s my mom and my brother. Vikran asks them to come in. Baa says why are you back now. Sujata says i’m his mom. Out of our helplessness i am on your door to ask for something. Baa asks what you want? Sujata says your sunnaina. She tells about anjali’s condition and says anjali wanna meet her mom. Sunnaina looks exactly like simar. We thought anjali might be fine if sunnaina becomes simar for her. Baa says till when will you fulfill her wishes. One day you’ll have to tell her the truth. Sid says when anjali saw sunnaina at summer camp She thought her mom would be alive. Sujata says just for a few days send sunnaina as simar. Baa says its not good to lie to a little girl. One day you’ll to tell her truth. Sujata says for now we just want to save her. Baa says how can i send my daughter in law with some unknown people. Vikran recalls simar’s words. He says baa its about a girls life. We should send sunnaina there. He calls sunnaina. Sujata and sid are shocked to see the resemblance. Simar says they’re all in front of me but i can’t embrace them. Give me strength.

Precap -simar enters bharadwaj house everyone is shocked to see her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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