Mahabharat 2nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 2nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,
duryodhan says now im not a human any more n i have no existence but still i will not let the pandavas have peace.
Gandhari goes to mamashri shakuni n asks where is duryodhan, shakuni says i don’t know ,all my plans have failed, but still duryodhan was strong but when he learned karna is kunti son me n duryodhan lost all we had, dear sister plz forgive me i couldn’t protect ur sons, gandhari says it was my fault that i trusted u, shakuni says sister all my life fought for duryodhan , gandhari says no u did so bcoz u wanted to take revenge from hastinapur bcoz i was married to a blind, mamashri says yes that is true bcoz bhishma destroyed ur life u who hated darkness was made to marry one n all ur life blind floded ur eyes n this decision who made u take, gandhari says that was my decision n u turned my sons into evil, shakuni says don’t talk like this i have always loved duryodhan as my own son, gandhari says but u couldn’t protect him n so im here with maharishi vyas blessings will protect my son, shakuni says but how will u do so, gandhari says that is wat i don’t know maharishi had said i can do so with all of my strength but i don’t know wat is my real strength , shakuni laughs n says i know its ur eyes ,ur eyes are ur strength when u see duryodhan by ur eyes duryodhan will get a divya kavach n this will help him win, gandhari says i have faith through my prayers i can keep my son alive but will it help duryodhan, shakuni says yes for sure duryodhan will surely win, but we have one person who can destroy our plans n i shall take care of that person by myself.
Krishna says to arjun in life war is the biggest evil, sahadev says then why did u let this war happen, Krishna says if i wouldn’t adharma would have crossed all limits n now its time to end the war, bheem says ur right n tomorrow we shall kill duryodhan, Krishna says yes lets go n make plans for tomorrow, shakuni comes in Krishna says u aren’t here for good for sure, shakuni says im here to condratulate on ur achievement, bheem says wait mamashri we till have to kill duryodhan n holds mamashris neck, mamashri says leave me dear son i never competed u five brothers im here for vasudev Krishna, Krishna says mamashri i have taken oath that i wont fight n the sun has set n its against rules to fight after that, mamashri says krishan we both never have taken as war field the real so lets play a dut game if i win u make duryodhan the king n if u win u can kill him, Krishna says i never bet on people like u instead if u win i shall give away my life n this surely will help ur dear duryodhan mamashri says i agree. Mamashri n Krishna begin to play dut game, mamashri says Krishna don’t forget im a genious in this game, Krishna says n don’t forget my fortune is my strength , in my game i make the decisions n not the dice, mamashri says but the game is all abt dice Krishna , Krishna says begin the game mamashri .
Ashvathama goes to duryodhan who has hidden himself, duryodhan comes out of water n walks towards ashvathma, ashvathama says mamashri has a message that soon u have to rip of all ur clothes n stand in front of ur mother n that will help strengthen ur body.

Krishna says to mamashri are u sure that duryodhan can come with all his clothes off.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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