Sasural Simar Ka 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 29th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mata ji says I am so proud of my daughters that showed that they can win the fight with in linits of hummanity.
Roli is talking to juwala on phone. Juwala says tell me what do i have to do to wi your trust. Roli says you have to make the deal according to the way we want. You ahve to name the chandini town in our name. And the bharadwaj house there. We heard that you are building a township there we’re interested in that. We will give you 50% share in the business. Juwala says how can i anme it to you. Roli says we will consider that our last wedding. If you want to do business with us you have to agree to that deal.
Call me when you decide something. Sujata says what you think will she give this proerty to us ? Roli says yes she will gove it to us.

Scene 2
Jahnvi recalls weird behaviour of Bahgti. She plans of sharing it with Anurag. She says Bhagti is a good friend of Anurag she will share her problem with him. SH goes to get ready. Bhagti comes in her room and says i will see how you take a part in final round. She places some pieces of glass outside her bathroom door. Jhanvi comes out. Bhagti stands with the door. Bhagti steps on the glass.
She shouts bhagto comes in and calls everyone. Anurag comes and asks how did this happen > Jahnvi says i came out of the bathroom and these glass pieces were there. An urag says i asked you to take care of yourself. Shanti asks how did they come there ? Jahnvi says i don’t know at all. Anurag does the dressing of her cut. Bhagti says jhanvi don’t woryy you have to take part in the competition. Anurag says oh bhagto forget it for a moment. Jhanvi wonders why is bhagti so concerned about the competition even now.

Scene 3
Sankallp says 3 hours have passed juwala hasn’t called. Simar says don’t worry she can’t disappoint sara and tara. Sid says i hope she says yes. Juwala calls sid. She asks to gove th phone to tara. Roli says yes juwala devi what have you decided ? Juwala says i will name the bharadwaj house and the surrounding property in your name. I will get the papers ready in a day. Roli says we don’t have time for tomorrow. We have to fulfill the formalities today. If you want we can make the papers. Juwala says okay i agree to you. You ca make the papers. Roli says okay then i will call you once we are done with the paper.s Everyone celebrates. Uma says simar roli you guys are the best. ROli says we are successful. Everyone is so happy.

Scene 4
Bhagti says why is jhanvi so lucky ? Bua ji comes in and says are you related to what happened to jahnvi today ? Bua ji says i want you to win but i don’t want any harm to Jahnvi and her child. Bhagti says no i think she did it herself. She is trying to save herself from defeat.
Jahnvi knocks at the door bua ji and bhagti are dazed. Jahnvi says why are you people so shocked ?
Bhagti heaves a sigh of relief that she has not listened anything.
Jahnvi says i want the book of homemade treatments. Bhagti gives it to her, Jhanvi wonders why is she weird and even bua ji is shocked too.

Scene 5
Roli and simar give juwala the papers and asks her to sign. Juwala says sara ji i wanna go to that plot.Roli says sign the papers and we will go tomorrow. Juwala says that plot is so lucky for me. I will sign standing there. Call it whatever whenever is sign the papers at the site the deal turns out to be good.
Simar says we don’t agree to all this. Roli says we believe that the signs that are done at first are the luckiest. Juwala says let me get ready Simar says what to do now. Simar says we acn’t lose now. She assk sid to call mr Khanna and ask himt o arrange something as soon as possible

Scne 6
Jahnvi goes to the kitchen. She sees bhagti binding something in the plastic bag. Bahti conceals it in the trash bin.Jahnvi over looks her. Bhagti leaves the kitchen. Jahnvi wonders what was she doing like this. She goes ina nd open the plastic bags. She finds out ths same pieces of glass. SHe says so bhagti is behind all this. She recalls bhagti coming to save her so soon and talking about the competition. she recalls roli saying that she doesn’t find bhagti trustworthy.

Precap- Juwala is on the way to the site. Rolis pretends like she is coughing so bad. They stop teh car. Roli punctures the tire and say let me see how they reach the site..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i think they will defeat juwala.
    but i doubt baba as prem’s brother and juwala as prem’s mother

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