Saraswatichandra 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 29th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras telling the school staff that Shankar is behind all this. He has good quality grains at home which he can’t afford. They think Kumud trusted him a lot, what will she feel knowing this, how can he do this with kids. Kumud and the principal go to meet Shukla. Sharma gets angry on Shankar. The staff stops him and asks him to wait till they get everyone back. Sharma says our school can get shut. Saras says no, we have to talk to kid’s parents, Kumud and Sir won’t let the affiliation cancelled. Shukla talks to Kumud and principal Sir. He says its serious matter, the kids had food poisoning, the reports show the food was of bad quality.

Kumud says this never happened in many years, as we maintain good standards, we want one last chance. Shukla says its not kid’s health and we can’t take a chance, if anyone died, then what. He says I m sorry, we can’t give you affiliation. Principal says we regret for what happened, its for their future, where will they study, I assure you this won’t happen and the culprit will be punished. Shukla says I can’t help you. Kumud says its easy to say this, but says we started the school with 10-12 kids, we arranged everything with much difficulty, if you don’t help us, their dreams will break.

Shukla asks the school’s result. Kumud says 100%. Shukla says I think you can shape the kids future, so I will give you a chance, but I will send my team to check the food quality. She thanks him smiling. The meeting ends. Kabir hears Anushka asking someone to go away. He thinks who is inside and goes in. She stands on the chair and shows the cockroach. He says see your size and its size. She asks him to throw it out. He says what? You do it. She says don’t leave me alone, how can you do this, can’t you help me, please. I m guest here. She says if it bites me and I get hospitalized? Kabir looks for the cockroach. She says it was really here, where did it go. He leaves looking at her.

Saras comes to Shankar with police and office staff. Saras gives some money to his son and asks him to bring cold drinks for them. Sharma scolds Shankar. Shankar tells them I did not do anything. Saras says you have cheated us. Shankar says I did not cheat anyone. Saras says they came to arrest you. The police checks the good grains. Saras says don’t lie now, you have exchanged the good grains with cheap bad ones. The inspector says we got proof now, if this grains match with school food, then be ready to be punished. Shankar says I m innocent.

Saras asks how did you get this good grains. Shankar says my wife brought it. Sharma says stop this drama, we got the grains bags here. Shankar asks his wife to tell them. His wife says my husband is saying truth, I brought this grains, from my parents. He says her husband is innocent. Sharma laughs hearing this and does not believe this. She says wait, and shows them the bill. Saras checks it. Sharma says don’t stop this drama. Saras tells the inspector maybe Shankar is innocent, so we can’t arrest him now. He says we have to find out further.

Saras apologizes to Shankar. Shankar says I know you did good for school, I also want the culprit to be punished. The inspector says we will find the culprit soon. The boy comes back and asks Saras that his friends told him that he came to get his dad arrested. Saras says no, your dad is a good man, he will live with you always.

The inspector leaves. Saras says I don’t doubt on you, but I m asking again, is there anything you want to tell me. Shankar says no. Saras greets him and leaves. Vidyachatur looks for some files. Kusum comes to him and says here is your file, you forgot it outside. He says Kumud is my pearl and you are my gem. She smiles. He asks did Kumud call. She says no, she might be in meeting, lets wait till evening, don’t worry, we will get good news. Danny says yes, you know Saras and Kumud will make everything fine. Saras is on the way and thinks about the kid’s state at that time and their parents’ anger.

Saras thinks everything what happened at Shankar’s house. He says if Shankar did not do this, then who did this. He says its good Shankar’s son did not see all this. Saras says how to find out who did this. He says if grains went missing from storeroom, then …….. how did security guard not see it. He says he said one key is with Shankar and other in principal’s room, did anyone steal the key and not change the grains. He says I have to find out about this, Kumud, I will fulfill my promise. I will make the culprit get punished.

Saras comes home. Vidyachatur asks him did the culprit get caught. Saras says no, we will find soon, and asks about factory work. Danny says good, we will get two new orders. Vidyachatur says everything will be fine, now Danny and are going to factory. They leave. Saras asks Kusum where is she taking the rat catching box. She says in kitchen, there are many rats and this is the way to catch them. Saras gets an idea and says you are right, I should also do this. He smiles.

Kumud talks to Saras and asks about Mumbai. Saras lies to her. He ends the call making excuses.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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