Sasural Simar Ka 28th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 28th March 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 28th March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bharadwaj house
Simar composes herself saying that food has been served, and leaves. Khushi comes to naina and asks why is she tensed, as simar still thinks that roli is alive. Naina says that there might be truth to simar’s words. Khushi asks her not to believe, and asks her not to think of the past, to be able to move into the future, so that she can give way to her work for the future, i.e. her marriage to sid, and her future kid’s security. She says that she would have to toil hard, to replace roli in the family’s and its heart. She asks her to think by the head and not heart. Khushi says that before anything else, she would have to ask for some property for the kid’s sake. she says that she would tell naina what is to be done for the property. naina agrees saying that today, she is able to be in htis hous,e because of her, hence she would do what she says, but she says that she doesnt want anything other than sid. saying so, she goes. Khushi thinks, to herself, that the property would be in her name, as she too needs some security.

Looking at roli’s photo, sid wonders if simar’s words are true, and roli can hear his voice, and magically come in front of him. He remembers their romantic moments together.

While simar is working in the temple, naina, remembering khushi’s words, thinks that she has been given this oppurtunity to be close to sid, and she would have to make a place for herself in the family’s heart, especially simar’s. she offers to help, but simar refuses.

Naina says that had roli been here, she also would have wanted to help her like this only. Simar angrily says that naina and roli are very different, as she is just their guest, and they dont ask guests to do their work. then composing herself again, simar says that she needs to rest as advised by the doctor, while she would manage the work alone. Simar leaves, while naina stands stunned. Prem sees naina staring at simar. Naina turns around to find prem looking at her. she leaves from there. Simar drops the temple things, and prem comes and asks her if she’s okay. When simar says nothing, he says that he knows when simar is hurt or sad, and asks her to spill it. simar says that she talked rudely to naina and hurt her, but she didnt have any other option, as she took roli’s name, and she couldnt bear it. She says that she knows naina isnt at fault. Finding prem lost, simar asks him whats the matter. Prem tells her that he understands her, and that everything would work out. He says that he has a headache, and asks for a cup of tea. Simar leaves to make. Prem thinks that what the family thinks of naina, she isnt really seeming to be that. He thinks that this might be his misunderstanding, but whatever it is, he cant ignore it, and that he would have to get to the bottom of it.

Scene 2:
Location: Undisclosed location
Viru takes a new house, from the dealer, with the idea that before roli cant remember anything, she would be made to love him, so that she wont have to remember anything. Viru thinks that he would need roli’s help to make this house, their home.

Scene 3:
Location: In the hospital an viru’s new house
Roli has flashes of memory about her time spent with sid. She wakes up saying that she has remembered everything, startling the nurse on duty. she calls out to the head nurse and the doctor. Lata asks what does she remember, her name, address, parents. But roli is unable to say anything. When the doctor and the head nurse comes, they ask her to take it easy, and say what she remembers. Lata thinks that roli doesnt want to speak in front of them, maybe she does to her husband. she calls up viru, and asks him to come, telling him the news. this scares viru. But the head nurse tells lata, reprimanding that the patient hasnt remembered anything.

Viru is relieved to hear this. He thinks that he had a close shave, but isnt sure that he would do so everytime. he thinks that he would have to get roli home, before they can get her to remember everything about the past. He gets another call, and he tells that person that he needs the house ready, telling his anme as Vikram Shah, and roli as Vidya Shah. He thinsk that he would never let roli become roli again, and that she would forever be Vidya Shah.

Roli tells that she saw someone dancing with her. The head nurse asks if she remembers the name.

Scene 4:
Location: In the hospital
Roli says that she cant remember who she was dancing with. The head nurse asks her to relax, and not take stress, and be happy that she is remembering something, as she is making more progress than anyone else. As viru approaches the door to her ward, he hears lata saying that the person roli was dancng with, must have been her husband only.

Viru thinks that before roli remembers sid, he would have to make her realise, that the person she was dancing with was, him only, her husband, who loves her the most. Viru enteres saying that he is very happy that she remembers everything about their paast and their love together. He also brings flowers and gifts for her, addressing her as His Love, Vidya. Lata says that she’s lucky to have this love, that she has seen only in movies. roli looks away. Viru tells roli, addressing her as vidya, that she wont have to be here anymorer, he would take her home right away. as viru is about to leave telling the nurse that he is going to get the discharge papers ready, roli says that she wont go anywhere with him. This shocks viru. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Khushi tells naina, that roli did so much in the garb of well being of the famil, and she got forgiven for that, and hence she would too. In the dining hall, Prem offers to get a check up done for naina. she says that she would get the check up by her doctor. But prem says that their doctor is also a very good lady gynaecologist, and that they would get her to check up on naina, shocking naina and khushi.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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