Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th March 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Modi family doing holi pooja.Baa thanks god for sending Kokila back and kokila thanks that her belief for god has increased more and the truth always wins.Gopi looks at Urmi.Gopi goes to bring sweets and urmi goes to her says she told that she will bring Kokila.Gopi says Thank you.Urmi is shocked and said so she forgave her.Gopi says Kokila will only forgive her and she has to told the truth to Kokila.Urmi is shocked.

Here Gopi is offering prasad to everyone and gives to Kokila too.Urmi looks scared when gopi tells she want to say something.Urmi gives her sweets and wishes happy holi.Koki says its all due to Urmi and give her sweet too.Kokila asks about what she wants to say and Urmi blocks it saying during holi everything is forgiven and we have to celebrate holi grandly this time.Rashi is shocked and says her mom wants to spend money on herself.Urmi says they all have to come to Rajpalnagar this time.Kokila and others agree. Urmi requests Gopi and Rashi to for a sleepover at her house this night only.Gopi disagrees.Urmi asks why she is saying No and its only for one day.Koki says Rashi and Gopi to go to Urmi’s house and they both agrees.

Here Urmi says Rashi to come and sleep in hall with her as meera and gopi will sleep in bed.Gopi says she will sleep outside and they can sleep in bed.Rashi goes from there.Gopi tells Urmi that she has saved her from saving the truth only today but tomorrow she will tell the truth.She further tells Kokila have come out from jail but she shouldn’t have gone to jail too. She respects her alot and if she hides it it’s a much bigger mostake

Atmorning in Ragpalnagar kids splash coloured water on urmi and Urmi gets angry on them.Rashi opens the door and sees Kokila .She starts laughing.Kinjal ,Dhawal and Rashi starts laughing.Urmi tells Rashi to take clothes for her.Urmi shouts saying she told her to do it.She tells Gopi to rest.

Here Urmi says the sweets are ready.Rashi checks urmi if she has fever and says something is wrong as she’s acting weird.Urmi says its nothing like that and ends the matter.Outside MMians aarive and one of the kid splash a colour balloon on Kokila’s face.Kokila asks why she look so tired.urmi says she was excited and couldn’t sleep.Gopi comes and takes blessings . Kinjal and Dhawal too takes blessings.Others go inside. Ahem wishes meera holi and gopi.They both smile.Here Rashi is taking blessings from everyone.Rashi wishes Meera a happy holi.Rashi does tikka on Jigar and they wish holi . Kinjal wish everyone holi.Dhawal takes colors and goes to someone else. Rashi says kids are having so much fun and she has to be careful.Urmi tells everyone to sit.Gopi tells Urmi that she will help her in color selection. Urmi says Gopi to sit with meera and ahem and she will go with Kokila.Rashi is kitchen and tells her family will not her let have fun.Jigar comes from back and applies colour on Rashi face and she too applies.Jigar says she can play inside and he will apply 3 times one for her and other for two kids.Rashi says No and jigar chase her.They both end up in front of Kokila.

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