Sasural Simar Ka 27th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 27th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli tells simar that they have come here and they are so angry, Sid and Prem go to them and say how can we help you ? Sara says some people have disguised us and are using our name. Sid says yeah you can go to them but shamsher singh you know where is juwlaa ? Prem says she is in a meeting. Sid says okay then take them to the room and give some drinks. I will ask juwala to come. Birju is going to check outside. Simar stops him and says i was loojing for you. Everything in the party is so good. i planned taking some stuff for the people back to America. Will you help me in the shopping ? Brju says we will talk about it later. I have to go outside. Simar says this is disappointing. Thats how you treat your guests. Birju says no you are our specual guest why are you saying that ? Simar says you are making me feel like that. Birju syas no please don’t be angry.
Sid asks a guard to take the guests to the room.
Sara syas we wanna meet Juwala jee where are you both taking us ? We wqanna go to the party. Sid says we will make you unerstand everything. Nothing will happen to the impersonators but juwala will kill you if she sees you. She will think that you are impersonators.

Simar asks Birju have you done all these decorations ? In such short time. This is worth appreciating. SHe is trying to distract him as much as possible. Simar says my phone’s battery is dead. I can’t miss all the important calls. Do you ahve the charger ? He says yes.

Scene 2
Tara says that impersonators are tryong to sign a deal with juwala in our name. We have to meet her. Prem and sid say she will be coming in a moment. Sara is so angry she says i won’t wait here i am going to the party. Prem says please keep calm for a moment. Tara says we will complain about you too. Roli Simar come there. Sara and tara are so bewildered. They tell them the whole story. Roli says we are using your name because of somthing good. Sara says you will ruin our name. How can we trust you.
Juwala is looking fr sara and tara. She goes upstairs.
Simar says please sars ji try to understand. We had to do this to save our house and neighbourhood.
Juwala devi comes in. Everyone is shocked.

Juwala comes in and sees the real tara and sara. She is dazed to see that they look like the ones she know. She says what is this ? She asks wh are they ? Thye look exactly like you tara and sara. The real tara says we are their cousins. We came to meet them. We are all Segols. This party is for them so we came here. Juwla says thats really nice that you got to meet your relatives because of the party,. Now please come downstairs everyone is waitng for you.
Juwala says to birju that they are tara and sara’s relatives go and serve them. party has started arrange some dsi food for them. Sara syas we will meet you later we are so tired. Juwala says no please stay. You ahve eaten anything. Sara says we are tired actually. Juwala says okay i can’t force you. Cops come in. Simar and Roli are shocked to see them.
Roli sees yes i called you because i thought some impersonators have come. This all confusion started with the arrival of our cousins. We should have called and asked you not to come.
Inspector says its okay and leaves.

Scene 3
Juwala serves the lunch to the SImar and Roli. She syas i have to serve my guests my self. Juwala asks birju to start the program.
She says we have to live sometimes without rules. Roli says you mean lie you. Juwala laughs and says oh tara ji forget that please and start this deal.

Precap-Some dancers are dancing at the party. Juwala is enjoying it. Someone comes out of the baba’s room. Roli gets a call from house and tells mata ji that everything is okay.

Update Credit to:Atiba

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