Jhalli Anjali 27th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Jhalli Anjali 27th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The epsiode starts with Anjali in the room packing up all Angad”S photograhs preet enters and says to stop no to shift delhi and think twice while anjali”s Mother is crying and gives her mango pickles and says her to avoid eating icecreams at night and tells preet to convince Anjali asks where is daddyji mother says he is waiting for her downstairs…Anjali says to keep the box (containing Angad”s photograph) in storeroom..while preet asks anjali again is she Sure about shifting to delhi as she was also not sure abt Angad..Hw he broked her Heart Anjali says to stop taunting…Anjali says she will go delhi and will make new friends and will start a new life… Angali thinks about delhi cousin how she greeted and checked her dress from top to bottom.and said euu….Anjali says to forget all and have gone Antarctica also if her relatives stayed there..but dont wanted stay at ambala Preet asks whether she wanted to shift at delhi for career or away run from ambala and angad.. Anjali says she is going to start a new life…

Angad check”s out himself in mirror of bike standing with his friends one friend says that preet texted him saying anjali is leaving for Delhi Angad asks So what?He tells to goodBye Anjali at once ..Angad says he is unwell while his friend says to go throught bus stop and say goodbye to Anjali…Angad replies no and leaves…while Anjali mobile rings and its transmiter(one of angad and anjali”s common friend)

Preet asks to stop thinking much and asks to come along with her while Anjali carrying fish bowl thinks about Angad ..while her father seeing the photograph and crying Anjali says to shut all the doors of past and to start a new life from begginning while Daddyji asks how can she stay without her parents…while they hears a thrashing voice from outside its Anjali”s mother breaking all the plates mother says shes sad and pain not ending and again she tries to convince anjali to stop but Anjali says atleast she can breath freely in Delhi mother asks that she will come to meet in holidays or not….Anjali tells one minute she forgot something and takes the box containing childhood pictures of Angad..

Preet asks Anjali what happend she says leaving all the things behind and going ..Preet is crying Anjali says to stop.. Anjali thinks how she used to fight with Angad for a choclate How Angad used to say that she is Angad”s forever friend….Bus conductor shouts to come delhi bus is leaving while Preet and Angad”s friend is waiting at Bus stop Anjali arrives he asks while she is taking Anjali words seriously…Preet tells going to delhi first time not to talk strangers in Bus….Angad is not coming As Anjali is waiting for Angad..

Angad comes running and says that she will return in Two days he explains its not market of Ambala its delhi it will not suit her..He says that Anjali is jhalli and she will never changed Atleast he is ambala to take care of her Angad holds Anjali”s hand but Anjali thanks Angad and says she is capable to take care of herself but asks how can he handle himself while preet tells enough bus is leaving..(background song Alvida goes onn)

Anjali peeps out of Bus door and remembers the memories of Angad….How he rejected and insulted her Anjali is Sad..Angad says his frnd that she will come within Two days…Anjali on way to delhi is sad and thinks about her and Angad “s kiss while conductor informs that bus will stop only for 15 minutes Anjali see noodles and is over excited and tells that how good is baabji Anjali notices that fish bowl is broken and she is worried and asks every vendor plastic or jar iss available but nobody gives ….Atlast she finds a bottle and shift upasana in that bottle(the fish her father gifted) while she hears the horn of bus…The bus left anjali…Anjali is running and and calling to stop the bus but fails..Anjali is left alone and says Babaji what Have happened…

PRECAP: Anjali is alone at bus stop Angad text anjali and says you will return within two days anjali tells upasana Dont be scared while she comes to know that next bus is in morning.

Update Credit to: Aiman

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