Sasural Simar Ka 27th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 27th April 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 27th April 2013 Written Update

Simar shows her face to Roli. Roli remembers Veeru telling her that it’s Simar who is responsible for her condition today. She gets scared and asks Simar to stay away. Simar tells her I am your sister. Roli says, you’re lying.. you’re not my sister.. you came to kill me. Simar tells her not to scream.. and puts her hand on her mouth. She tells her life is in danger here and she came to save her. She asks her not to scream and removes her hand. Roli again screams and runs from there. Veeru hears the scream and runs there. He asks Roli and Kamini to open the door. Simar doesn’t know what to do, and then she remembers there is a backdoor.. she uses that and leaves. They open the door and Veeru asks what happened. Roli says, she came to kill me. Veeru looks around and there is no one. Kamini wonders where did mehendi girl ago. She tells Veeru that she said Veeru sent her. Veeru says he didn’t send anyone and he starts searching for mehendi girl. He sees her running away, but doesn’t see face. He runs after her. Simar is struggling to run. Veeru is about to catch her, but falls down. He still doesn’t stop running after her. Simar says she can’t run anymore. She is near some temple and hides there in between woods. Veeru comes there now and doesn’t find her there. He asks her to come out and says he won’t do anything. He says he just wants to talk with her. He wonders where she can go and says he won’t leave her that easily.. he will find out who is she. He leaves from there. Simar has a relief.

Roli is scared. Kamini tells her nothing will happen as Vikram/Veeru is here now. Veeru comes and asks Kamini how she let that lady in. Kamini says she was talking with so much confidence like she knows you. And I tried calling you, but line was busy. He shouts at her saying, but why did you leave Kamini alone? Roli cries and he stops shouting. She tells him that she came to kill her. Veeru asks who? Roli finally takes her name and says Simar came to kill me. Veeru is shocked.

Simar calls Prem and says, I met Roli today. She was in front of me, but she didn’t identify me. She didn’t identify her Simar didi. She got scared and started screaming. I am afraid now. Prem says Veeru must have told her wrong about you that’s why she might have got scared. But the good news is that we found Roli and now we will have to take her back to home. We will have to tell everyone at house that Roli is alive to stop Naina and Sid’s marriage. After the call, Simar says everyone will be so happy knowing our Roli is alive.

Prem receives a call from Mausiji and he gives her good news. Mausiji comes running to the hall where mehendi ceremony is going on and starts dancing. Khushi wonders what’s going on. She thinks mausiji went crazy. Mataji asks her to sit down. Mausji says you all will dance like this in few moments… except some. Everyone is wondering what she is talking about. Phone rings. Mausiji asks Mataji to pick up the phone and hear good news. Mataji gets shock. Everyone asks her what happened. Mataji says, it was Simar’s call and she said that she met Roli. Our Roli is alive. Everyone is shocked, yet happy except Naina and Khushi.

Precap: Naina emotionally tells Mataji, this house got its happiness back.. their Roli back.. but what about this child? You had said that you will give justice to him.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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