Savitri 26th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 26th April 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 26th April 2013 Written Update

At Kamroop Temple compound:
Leena’s lookalike takes Savitri near the dead end, from where the wall starts. She tells Savitri to walk towards the wall & go to the other side, Savitri questions how she can cross the wall. The lookalike tells her she can only she can penetrate the wall but remember come what may, Savitri should not turn around to see what is happening back, not even if she hears any familiar voice call her, saying so she disappears leaving Savitri alone. Savitri says to herself she needs to be very careful, now on she cannot trust anyone. She has to muster courage & fight alone instead of seeking any help.

Savitri starts walking towards the wall, suddenly she hears Mishti call her she is delighted to hear Mishti’s voice & is about to turn around when she remembers what Leena’s lookalike told her – not to look back come what may, she continues walking towards the wall Mishti’s image disappears.
Sometime later she hears Mother Superior call her. Mother tells her that Maasi is very sick, she is almost on her death bed & desires to see Savitri for one last time. Savitri falls for it momentarily but quickly get back to reality & starts walking other’s image disappears. Savitri hears Ashish next who tells her they have come, they have come to help her in her journey, Savitri ignores him he too disappears. Lastly Savitri hears Satya call her Savitri is so happy to hear him; Satya tells her, come back this place is not good, let’s return. Savitri is so tempted to turn around & see Satya, run back to him; but she fights with herself not to give in to the temptation she continues walking Satya’s image disappears!

In the forest:
The Pisach’s are holding Vikrant & Nag Raj is questioning Vikrant who is he, why did he try to kill Savitri. Vikrant says he didn’t try to kill her. The horse driver tells Nag Raj, Vikrant is lying he himself saw Vikrant holding Savitri at gun point, saying so he throws the gun towards Nag Raj. Nag Raj smells it & says human. He tells his men to keep him in prison, they shall sacrifice him. Till then they will wait for Savitri to return with R-K’s hands.

At Kali Bhumi:
Gulika sits for sadhana, she calls for Brahma Rakshas, she request Brahma Rakshas to show them a way to help Damyanti in finding R-K’s hands. Satya hears Gulika calling for help to help Savitri, he comes on spot & asks R-K & Gulika what happened to Savitri, where is she, where did they send Savitri. R-K tells Satya you don’t need to worry about Damyanti. She is my Damyanti & I’ll protect her.

Gulika informs R-K that Brahma Rakshas is not responding to Gulika’s prayers, R-K gets angry & declares that he does not requires any help from Brahma Rakshas, he is capable of handling the matters. After all tricks & magic is the key to their world & he masters the art of tricks; saying so he chains up Gulika. Satya tells R-K to take him along he will help R-K in searching Savitri. R-K laughs at Satya’s proposal, he tells you will help me, I am the king of black magic, I am capable enough of helping my Damyanti, and no one dares to come between me & Damyanti & flies off.
Gulika frees herself from R-K’s captivity, Satya pleads her to take him along to search Savitri. He tells though he is not as strong as them but he will surely help them. Gulika tells him that no one dares to step in Kamroop, not me, not you, I’ve to stop R-K, saying so she disappears. Satya is sad, he tells himself Savitri is already surrounded by so many evil powers, and one more is on her way. He feels helpless & prays to God to help & protect Savitri. He cries.

At Kamroop Temple compound:
Savitri comes to the other side of the wall. On the other side of the wall Savitri a lady, who welcomes her, Savitri asks her who is she? She replies she can be anyone, some friend, some relative or some near one of Savitri saying so she transforms herself to take Savitri’s form & smiles. Savitri is shocked to see this transformation. The lady then reveals that she is Yakshini this place between the earth & sky belongs to her she is the guard of this chakravuyh. Savitri is looking at her, Yakshini tells what you are looking at? Clothes, Jewellery or beauty? She further tells I am queen of beauty, I can trap any man in my beauty. Savitri is not interested in her, Yakshini tells you may not like what I say, but this is it. I am guarding this chakravuyh, you will have to listen to me to solve this. Now this is between you & me.

Savitri requests Yakshini to help her, she refuses saying she won’t; as she has lots of complaints against people. Savitri asks what kind of complaints, Yakshini tells gradually you will come to know. Savitri asks Yakshini what does she wants, Yakshini tells it’s her place, Savitri should tell first. Savitri tells she is here to achieve something Yakshini replies R-K’s hands. Savitri is shocked!!!

Yakshini tells Savitri you are at the right place they are here at the end of this chakravuyh but she won’t get them. Savitri tells she wants them at any cost. Yakshini asks Savitri what she can do to get those hands Savitri replies she can give up her life at the same time she can take anyone’s life also. Yakshini asks Savitri why so after all why so craziness for R-K’s hands, what lies in those hands; Savitri replies my husband’s life, Yakshini tells so much of craziness for a man. Savitri tells for others their husband may be just a man, for me he is my love, my life, everything.

Yakshini tells that’s alright but what about these ornaments she is very scared of Savitri’s suhaag ki nishaani. She says she wants to help Savitri, she’ll help Savitri solve this Chakravuyh but first Savitri needs to answer few questions regarding man & wife, marriage etc. Savitri tells she will definitely answer all her questions but later now she needs to hurry up & collect R-K’s hands as she is running out of time. With those hands I’ll be able to free Satya, Yakshini says then go.

Outside the Kamroop temple compound:
R-K reaches Kamroop, the priest outside the temple asks him who he is, why he is here, doesn’t he know that the Goddess is resting & during this time no one goes inside. R-K tells him to move & not to come in his way, the priest tells he won’t allow anyone to break the sanctity of this place saying so he tries to stop R-K using magic, R-K lifts the priest in air & tells him you don’t’ know me I am the tornado of destruction, I am the supreme power, I am death, I am Damyanti’s savior I am Rahu Kaal! The priest is shocked to hear this. R-K throws the priest & sets fire around him. The priest says the Goddess is sleeping, but she has arrived she will destroy you.

Pisach’s have surrounded R-K & they attack him, Leena’s lookalike guards R-K & fights the Pisach’s. She then asks R-K you’re searching for your Damyanti, aren’t you? R-K says she is my Damyanti, my. Leena’s lookalike pushes R-K & says you’re not the same R-K who I accepted as my son.

Update Credit to: poppins

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