Sasural Simar Ka 25th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 25th November 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 25th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
A man says tp pari that this design is expensive they have to increase the budget. Pari syas than increase it. I want the counter like this. Pari is finalizing the boards design as well. Pari says that the name of her shop will same as of the rest of shops of their family. Years ago mata ji and dadu ji started this business and the name of shop will be on his name.

Scene 2
The doctor says to soniya that she has recovered more from the injury. Sid asks why is there too much security outside the house. She says this press has annoyed me so much just to get a photo. Someone calls her and she starts saying no i am not soniya obroye stop annoying me. They have been calling me whole day/. Sid says everything will be alright. She says that’s why i have called you here. If it doesn’t solve i will get mad.

Scene 2
Sujata says that we have not given jhanvi and shaureay any gift on their wedlock. Shaureya comes and says i want to say somethin g important. I want jhanvi to live in her own house. I have ti be responsible for that. Mata ji says this is your house yoyu can stay here untik you don’t get your own.
Shaureya calls meghna and says i have got time after a so long to call you. I will take revenge from roli. Bharatwaj family deserves vengeance but i will start from roli bharatwaj. I will finish it from my way.
Roli and simar start hearing him. Shaureya says look i am doing it right for you now i’m clearing my own mess.
Simar says we have to tell this all to jhanvi before family. They go to jhanvi’s room simar says she looks so happy. Simar says to jhanvi that we have to talk about something so important. Simar says the thing we are going to tell you, ypu have to make you heart strong for it. Jhanvi says please tell me. Roli says do you remember i came to your room at the wedding night. She tells what shaureya says her in the kitchen. jhanvi stands up in distress. She tells what he said when she was making sweet. Simar says that they have to keep am eye on him. Roli says he is just taking revenge from us. He is justv doing drama he made you fool yesterday and so today. Jahnvi says i can’t believe this that you are still doubtful about shuareya he has changed he takes care of me in all ways. Simar says that he’s just winning our trust. Shureya comes in and says what have i done ? Why are you telling lies about me ti mt jhanvi i left my home and di for jhanvi. Roli says you can majke anyone fool but us. Give me your phone. She shpws jhanvi that he was talking to his sister. Shaureya says yes i was talking to her i was missing her. She has brought me up like her child i was just telling her that please accept our relation. She didn’t agree. I don’t think she will forgive us. Simar says why you said that you will take revenge from bjaratwaj family?

Precap-Shaurea says meghna that he has met the real soniya obroye and she is girl you will love to make part of our family.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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