Meri Bhabhi 25th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 25th November 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 25th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chaya telling Shraddha what she did while she was drunk and Kunal had to lift her to take her. Kunal comes and Shraddha says sorry to him. He says I lifted you, my back is aching, Anand is right as he calls you Moti. Shraddha says I m not fat and laughs. Kunal says its my pleasure. He says you look good when you smile, keep smiling. Shraddha smiles. Kamini is talking to everyone about the proposal she brought for Shraddha. Everyone looks at her. Kamini says its my best friend’s son Rohit. Kittu knows him. Kamini praises the guy and its best proposal for Shraddha. Kamini says I will talk to them if you all agree. Kittu smiles.

Ashish says how can we, we don’t know anything about him. Kamini says I will tell you about him, you can meet him and ask questions if any. Kamini calls her friend Laxmi and speaks to her. She says the girl is Kittu’s Nanand and she is a nice girl. Mummy tries to stop Kamini but Kamini does not listen to her. Laxmi says she can’t meet today, tomorrow is possible. Kamini agrees and tells them about Rohit’s daughter. Everyone are shocked. Kittu says daughter? It means he is married. Kamini says yes, divorcee. Everyone looks on. Kamini says he is like Shraddha. Mummy gets angry and says what do you mean, how can you think so for Shraddha.

Papa says we will ask Shraddha. Kamini says what to ask her, you guys decide. Mummy says its Shraddha’s life, she has to decide. Kamini says yes, she decided about Bobby and see what happened. Kamini says we have seen the world, I want you to settle Shraddha. Mummy argues with Kamini while Kittu looks on. Mummy says we are with Shraddha. Mummy says Shraddha did not take anyone’s help. Mummy says i understand everything. Papa says Kamini is right, but we have to ask Shraddha, we will do what she says. Kamini says fine, I brought the proposal, you all think about it. Mummy talks to Kamini outside the house while Kittu is hearing all this.

Mummy tells her that you are thinking about your Kunal, not about Shraddha. Mummy says give respect in order to take respect. Mummy says I will help you in finding proposal for Kunal. Mummy says we are happy when Kittu is happy, we get worried when Kittu is worried. Mummy taunts Kamini and she gets angry. Kittu cries. Mummy says you don’t need to come to our house. Mummy asks her to leave. Kamini leaves angrily.

Shraddha is smiling alone. Kunal comes to her and says don’t do suicide, I won’t leave you, I promise. He says I m saying the truth. She says what. He jokes. Shraddha says this place is beautiful, my fav spot. She says I used to sit here for hours. She says tell me about yourself, what was your fav spot. Kunal says I had many girlfriends and had many spots. She says don’t joke, tell me about Suzanne. Kunal smiles looking at her. Shraddha questions him and says are you in touch with her till now.

She says it looks like you are best friends. Kunal says why do you want to know about her. Shraddha says just like that. Kunal says there is something, right, tell me now. Shraddha looks at him. Kunal says fine, maybe next time. Kunal says its not Suzanne, its someone else, I did not tell you as its not easy to tell about her as its different. He says I will tell you everything today.

Mummy and Papa talk about Kamini. jaya tries to fuel Kittu’s mind against Mummy. jaya says why don’t you tell anything. She says I could see her getting insulted like this. jaya leaves. Kittu thinks about it. Kunal tells Shraddha about Shaina. He makes up his love story and tells it to Shraddha while Shraddha hears it with interest. Kunal praises the girl. He says it happened which I did not think of, love. He says we used to spend time with each other, but then she stopped coming to college, I went to her home and she did not meet me. He says one day I came to know that she left India and went to London, then I went to US and see I met her in the hospital. She was struggling with her life, she had blood cancer. Shraddha is shocked.

He says then I came to know why she was running away from me. Shraddha says then what. Kunal says we did not had time, I saw her dying. He says one day, she died in my arms. he says she left me alone. Shraddha consoles Kunal. Shraddha says it means you smile and be happy only to run awy from her memories. She says I know its bad what happened with you, but this is life, we have to move ahead. She says I m not asking you to forget her, but think about your future. Kunal says then why do you not change. He says why are you living like this, why don’t you not want to see your future. Shraddha looks on.

Kunal asks why. He says its my filmi story. Shraddha says what. She says was this a story. Kunal laughs seeing her face. Shraddha runs after him and they both fall on the ground laughing and fighting happily.

Shraddha sees some flowers and smile. Kunal climbs up the tree to get those flowers. Shraddha looks on. Kunal falls and Shraddha screams.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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