Sasural Simar Ka 24th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 24th September 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 24th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Pari is taking care of her son and says this is all mami ji’s fault. Simar used to handle him but now its al up to me. Simar comes in and says you are not ready? Pari says how can i make him ready look how much is he crying. Simar says i will make him ready.
Pari thinks of an idea that can only lead simar alone with the baby to the hospital. She gets an idea.

Scene 2
Roli is so worried about Janvi. She wonders what would be the environment of the hospital She calls her. Janvi looks like she is crying she asks what has happened? Nothings says Janvi. I will tell you everything when i come home.
A man informs Janvi that dean has called her, her dispatch papers are ready.

Scene 3
Pari says that i am having a severe headache

i have never slept well since his birth. Simar says that its okay i will take him. Archana comes in and says all i gave you to eat is on your face and bot brain. Roli and Simar will get all. Your rank in this house should be the highest. You have given them a son. I was not feeling level and i could not see my son taking in injection. Save these lame excuses fro your in laws they are not gonna work on me.

Scene 4
Roli calls Simar and asks her to meet Janvi. When she sees janvi she is in tears. Simara asks what has happened? She tells her the whole story. How shaureya singhanya is done all this to her. She shows her tha dismissal papers. Simar hands over her the baby.

Scene 5
Simar goes to dean and says a rich man will come and tease your staff instead of supporting them you will do this. He asks how dare she come in? Go out before i call the security. She says what else a man like you can do? Janvi comes in, he says now people from your family will come and insult me. The staff and patient here are your responsibility and if you don’t care about them you don’t deserve to sit on this chair. You will dismiss anyone from your staff just for the sake of a rich guy. Janvi you deserve a much better place lets go, says Simar. You are lucky that you don’t get to work under a man like him anymore. They both leave.

Scene 6
Roli is worried why they have not arrived. She prays that everything must be good. She is about to call her. Archana comes in that if she has taken responsibility of everything how will she manage? No my simar di only takes those responsibilities that she can fulfill or maybe there is no responsibility that she can’t handle. She give her Qaiser that she has brought from Kashmir and asks her to make milk with it for pari. She says she should eat healthy. I have brought this on the rate of 1000 Rs per gram apart from the credit for the one brings. Roli says yes it looks like a diamond, giggles and leaves.

Scene 7
When Janvi and Simar go out of the hospital Janvi is crying Simar tries to console her that consider this letter a new beginning not the end. You have whole your family beside you.
Shaurya is asking attul to drive fast He says this is hospital i can’t drive fast. There are no speed breakers you can, says he. He holds the starring and is moving and says i won’t leave until you don’t drivce fast. Their car is about to collide with Janvi’s. Janvi asks Simar if the baby is okay? She says yes but who is this oaf driving so fast in the hospital premises?
Janvi comes out of the car to see who is he and so does Shaurya. You? I knew who else can break the rules of this hospital. This is your hobby to play with lives and carriers of others. Maybe you asked your driver to hit me? says he. Simar says this could kill you as well and what about this child? Simar intrudes. Ask your driver, says he. The driver says that it was not my fault madam it was his. You have not bought us and this place, says Janvi. Now i will buy you? I have some standard that you don’t possess. She slaps him and says remember this slap when you cant understand difference between good and bad. He is trying to hit her with a stick. Attul stops him. Stay in your limit onwards shouts Janvi.

Precap: My baby met an accident, says anchana. There is a difference between calling and considering someone’s baby your own. no he is same as anjali to me say simer. how can you compare him with anjali? she is the daughter while my grandson is a boy, son of this family

Update Credit to: Atiba

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