Saraswatichandra 24th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 24th September 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 24th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras and Kumud meeting at the terrace. Saras looks at her. She says Kalika ran away, now everyone are worried, they got insulted and Pramad, even he is in pain, and this happened because of me. Saras says its not your mistake. She says its my mistake, I tried to save my relation. Saras says Kalika knows only to cheat and she was destined to go from this house. Kumud says she ran away because of me. She says I have hurt everyone. Saras says did Kalika think once about everyone before running away, now Kalika is not in your way, go ahead and change Pramad. Kumud says I wanted Kalikla to have a good future, but now I can’t face myself. Kumud cries and leaves. Saras says Kalika knows I m Saraswatichandra, don’t know what she will do now.


and Saras hears some noises. Everyone are shocked to see Pramad’s anger. Budhidhan asks whats happening. Pramad says I would have done this before. He says enough now, why did you gave me birth if I don’t have any right to breath on my own, you decided everything about me. He says you think of me as my slave but I won’t let this continue. Budhidhan asks what will you do now. Pramad throws everything and says if anyone forces me to do anything, then everyone will get an answer, and Kumud too. Kumud went against Kalika and because of her Kalika left home. Pramad is about to hurt Kumud and Saras stops him. Everyone are shocked. Budhidhan says I will give you an answer, but I m the head of this family, and about Kalika, she is the daughter of the servant but I thought of her as my child. I asked her is she ready for this marriage, she said yes, then Kumud called the groom’s family.

Pramad’s mum says what happened to you when she left, you are pointing at your wife for a maid. Why? Pramad tells about his childhood and how Kalika supported him. He says now I will die hungry and only you guys will remain. Pramad leaves in anger. Pramad’s mum faints and Budhidhan holds her. Kumud picks the glass pieces. Saras says will Pramad change, any hope. Kumud says I knew it, he will take time. Saras says Pramad does not know what he is doing. Saras says how can he get angry on you for such a girl. Kumud says Pramad does not love Kalika, he was habituated to her but will change now. Saras says please take care of yourself. Kumud gets hurt by the glass and Saras cares for her. He thinks of their old moments. Kumud leaves. He stops her and says whenever I got hurt, you were there to share my pain but I could not share your pain because I gave you this pain. Kumud says its not like that. Saras says your wounds are becoming more deep because of me. She says no, when I was small, I could not bear any pain, but today I can bear anything and I got this strength from you.

Kumud thinks how to face Pramad and stops outside the door. She signs Saras. They talk via signs. Saras signs go ahead without any fear. (So sweet!) Saras leaves. Kumud comes inside the room and tells Pramad that she brought food for him. He gets up from the bed and Kumud is afraid. He sits and have food without uttering a word. He taunts her and says Kalika had the courage, she was a maid, but she fought for herself, compare yourself with her, she left the house for her self respect and look at yourself, I misbehaved with you and you are bearing all this silently, you don’t have any self respect. He taunts Kumud’s upbringing. Kumud gets angry. He says you and your family, it seems are shameless. Badimaa’s husband left her, Saraswatichandra left you and Naveenchandra left Kusum, it looks like a ritual in your house. He says so your dad got you married to a drunkard like me, else who would have married you. He says I should agree that your parents are so shameless, they saw everything still did not take you with them.

Kumud says Pramad…. He asks what happened. He taunts Kusum and Kumud being characterless. Kumud says enough, I can’t hear any word against my family. Pramad says whats their goodness. Kumud says its their goodness that I m still here, they have taught me to safeguard my self respect. She says when you made me drink wine and misbehaved with me, I would have gone the same night, but my values made me stop here, because I think of your parents as mine, so I did not break their trust, my dad taught me to fight for myself. She says Kalika cheated everyone and lied to you. Pramad is shocked. Kumud says Kalika’s lie is still flying in your heart, so she did not tell you before running away and I m still in this house with you. She says you want to know the difference between me and Kalika, its the difference between truth and lies. She says I m ready to bear anything but I can’t hear anything against my self respect because my family is my respect.

Pramad gets up and hurts Kumud. He says so you can bear everything, right, so lets see your guts. He closes the door and misbehaves with her asking her to become his wife. He throws her on the bed and forces her to…. Kumud runs away and falls on the bed and gets hurt. She says leave me and shouts. Pramad is unmoved. He says see now what happened, how will you walk now. Kumud picks up a plate and hits his head and says I m Kumud, not Kalika. She opens the door and comes outside. Pramad says see, one day I will ruin your guts. Kumud says what you did with me, if anyone does this with your sister, what would you do.

Kumud hugs Pramad’s mum and says I cannot bear anything now, I have to go from here. She greets everyone and leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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