Sasural Simar Ka 23rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 23rd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anurga wakes up Jhanvi and asks her to come to the breakfast. She says i am not feeling well. I had that mild. Jhanvi recalls micing that medicine in her milk. Anurag cals Shanti. Anurag says from now and on you will not take part in the competition. Your health is more important than any other thing. Bhagti and bua ji cmiles at each other. Jhanvi says I will take a leave from hospital. Anurag says all right. I’ll talk to the hospital dean today. The plan of bhagti and bua ji is at stake.

Scene 2
Everyone at bharadwaj house is discussing about the money. Simar says sid and roli have gone to arrange some money. Rajhunder says bank won’t gove more than 25 lac or so, Sujata says where will we arrange rest of the money from ? It will look weird if we ask for help but they all promised us to. Mata ji says I don’t know if its right. She asks simar to call everyone. All the neighbors are there. They say that their houses are already gone how can they let the only money they have go as well. Verma says simar we have all trust in you but I can’t help you. We have taken loan already. Simar says what will we do now. We will get this money back from her. One of the nieghbour say we are ith you. Kinjal says we will give our jewelery as well to save our house. Simar says we will get them back from juwala. Simar asks mata ji to give her all the cash in the hosue. Mata ji says yeha let go to the locker and let see.

Scene 3
Juwala is laughing in her house. Birjuu says what an amazing plan you made juwala devi. Juwala says this is what they have to pay for theri attitude. Suddenly she sees Mrs Verma there. Verma says whats going on ? Why you look so happy ? Juwala says nothing forget it. Tell me how are bharadwajs ? They have to leave the house in few days. Have they started wrapping up ? verma says i don’t know that but they regret fighting with you. She says in her heart that time will tell you everything juwala devi.

Scene 4
Everyone starts submitting all they have. Mausi ji say to khsuhi this all wealth is just to see. Its luring you right ? Khushi says I was just looking at it, I want betterment of all. Simar says that roli and sid have arranged some money as well. Mata ji thanks everyone for trusting them. She says I know how had this is for you. simar say we won’t let your trust be shaken. Simar says to prem that we should leave asap. Prem says yeah let me call birju and tell him that we are coming to finalize tha deal.

Scene 5
Bhagti says tried everything but this Jhanvi is not leaving the competition. I only have one way left. Sorry Anurag i never wanted to do this. Bhagti goes to jhanvi and says i fell bad for anurag. Jahnvi asks what happened ? Suddenly anurag comes and she chages the topic. She says anurag takes care of you and wanted you to leave the competition still you are going there. Anurag says so much happened and no one told me. Shanti says there is no fault of jhanvi. Anurag says so you knew about it. Bua ji says what wrong with you anurag. Anurag says I remeber you came here to settle my house. Bau ji says jhanvi wanted to be part of this competition i never asked her to.

Scene 6
Simar come with roli sid and prem to juwala’s house. Sid gives her the money. She opens the briefcase and handover them the file. Simar reads the file. She goes through it carefully and signs it. Simar says we got our house back now we have to get this money back. Juwla says in heart that the property papers are fake. They leave. Verma is leving as well. Juwala stops her and say i am so glad today. These foreginers have been deceiving us for so long. Those property papers were fake and so were my signature.

Precap-The people are so angry at simar. Simar says please listen t me we have time lefy we can do something.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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