Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 23rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 23rd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kuldeep taking the imspector’s gun and asking him to move back. He says no law can punish me, I want to punish someone before I go, I will kill Simran today. He shoots at her and everyone is shocked. Actually Himmat shoots at Kuldeep and everyone look at him as he falls. Laali cries seeing Kuldeep close his eyes. She looks at Himmat with anger. She takes the gun from Kuldeep’s hand and says no, now I will not leave anyone here. She says you killed my Kuldeep, I will kill you Himmat. Himmat shoots her also and cries. Everyone is shocked. Laali falls beside Kuldeep and closes her eyes.

Himmat breaks down and says go up and do what you want. He looks at her dead body and cries. He says I loved you a lot Laali, I went against my family for you, and you have cheated me. I made everyone my enemy for you. Everyone cry. Tau ji and everyone support Himmat. The police arrests Himmat. Simran asks Himmat to meet Tau ji once before going. Himmat goes to Tau ji and apologizes to him. He tells why does a son not tell his dad that he loves him so much, I did not tell this till now, but I love you a lot dad. He cries and I have always hurt you and broke your hopes, but I promise I will not go against you ever.

He says I will become more good than what you want to see me, please forgive me dad. He touches his feet. Tau ji holds him and cries. He says I will wait for you my son and hugs him. Everyone cry seeing them. Tau ji says we all will wait for you. Himmat leaves with police. Tai ji cries. Fifteen years later, everyone is happy together. Two girls call Tau ji Dada ji and say we won. Tau ji laughs and says you are like your mum Simran, very determined. He asks them to show their drawings.

He likes it and the girls talk in English. Tau ji smiles. He hugs them. A band plays. The girl says Papa came. Tau ji asks everyone to come down fast, Rajveer and Simran came. They go down in the hall. Gabru and Rano record and argue. Gabru becomes a director. Tau ji asks them to welcome Rajveer and Simran first. Rajveer and Simran come home and greet everyone. He says we won Tau ji. Tau ji gets much happy and says I m much proud. The band plays.

Everyone cheer for Simran. She comes wearing a saree and greets everyone. She says I won because of your blessings. Tau ji says no, you won as you are smart and educated. Everyone smile. The girls hug Simran. Himmat comes and says congrats. He says I came out so soon as you made me free. She says we are one family. Tai ji asks Simran to change the mentality of the area. Chanchal says she will do, she gave us rights in this house. Hoshiyar says I trusted her always. Baldev also praises her.

Everyone laughs and says Simran is our MLA now. Simran says thanks to all for loving me, Rajveer should get the credit, I want every child and woman to get educated. Everyone clap. Tau ji says lets celebrate her victory. Gabru and Rano dance and tell Simran and Rajveer’s love story and their journey in the village. Simran and Rajveer think of their love moments. Everyone dance around them. Wazeero comes to meet Simran and hugs her. She says come with me, we have completed 15 years of Sanghwaan girl’s school. Simran goes to the school and talks to all the girls. She gives a moral message for everyone to study well. She starts her class and even Tau ji comes there to study. Simran welcomes him.

He says can I study here, I wish to study. She says yes you can. He says I accept my mistake, I felt its not good to educate, it spoils a girl’s mind, such girls break the house but you proved it wrong. He says now I m sure that education is important and everyone’s right. He blesses Simran and Rajveer and hugs them smiling and happily. Everyone clap for them.

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