Sasural Simar Ka 22nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 22nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid says if souls can’t read then we have to tell vikrant this way. He sys let me text him. Roli says no sunnaina has her phone. I have another idea.
Sid disguises as a post man and says is vikrant home to sunnaina? there is a letter for him. I will give I to vikrant only. Simar says I am his wife sunnaina Mehta give it to me. sid says why is she asking so confidently. This means she can read. sid gives her papers to sign and says this this first. Sunnaina says in heart why can’t I read. I feel the paper empty. sid says just sign after Vikrant’s name. sid says this means sunnaina can’t read. Vikrant comes there and asks who is it simar? simar says its your letter. vikrant says my letter? this is karthik’s home. I never gave this address to any correspondent. sunnaina says yeah you are right then who sent letter here. vikrant takes the letter and says there is no name and address of the sender. where has this come from? Sid says sir someone must have forgot to write the name. Vikrant says all right I will sign it. Sid comes out. roli is waiting for him there. roli asks what happened? Sid says I delivered it. roli says I hope he reads it as soon as possible. Vikrant takes out the letter. sunnaina grasps the letter and says its your birthday we are going to celebrate. I wont give this letter to you. there should be nothing important that sanju for you and for me too. Vikrant is shocked at her. simar says I mean you have always supported me. vikrant wonders why is she talking like that? sunnaina says go get ready please. sunnaina says what was I about to do. I have to control myself. its just about this night after that sanju and vikrant will be mine forever.

Scene 2
Surbhi, prem and Anjali are out. roli and sid are there as well disguised as villagers. Prem says Anjali will eat moose first. sid says look at prem’s face he is trying to show that he is happy with surbhi but he still loves simar. he will always do. roli says you are right. Anjali says I will order right not. Simar comes there with vikrant. Surbhhi is shocked to see them. Prem says surbhi don’t be upset I knew they will be here. I came here to show them that we are happy. Roli says vikrant that means he hasn’t read out letter. he would never come if he read it. Sunnaina will try to apart jeju and didi more and more till she is here. we can’t let her do this. we have to stop her. Vikrant says let me go and meet them. sunnaina holds his hand and says no vikrant. vikrant says this won’t look good. You’re bugged with prem but Anjali is your daughter. Sunnaina says I miss Anjali too but its better for her. sid says try to listen what they are talking. sunnaina and vikrant are arguing. vikrant goes to prem and says hi to both prem and surbhi. Prem says simar called me she told me that you are going to come here to celebrate. vikrant is dazed. Prem sys she showed her happiness to me so I came here to show how happy I am in my life. prem says anyways have fun. Vikrant asks why did you called prem? Sunanina says I wanted to tell him that I am happy in my new life. Vikrant says this isn’t your life neither your happiness. Sunnaina says we are here for your birthday forget all that and lets order the dinner. sunnaina is serving sanju. this breaks Anjali’s heart. she is in tears. surbhi says Anjali please eat your fries. Anjali is staring there. prem stand up surhi says please prem ji stop. Vikrant is going our for something. roli says this is the right time I will go and talk to him. Roli follows vikrant to his car. sunnaina comes out too. roli gets scared.

Precap-vikrant reads roli’s letter in which she says I wanna talk about something important. I can’t say this in front of you or on phone. sunnaina has captured simar’s body.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. So… Ghosts r illetrate!new knowledge for me

  2. wow it new ghost cant a new thing.and i hope vikrant get to known the truth.plz yaar roli sid save simar soon.

    1. ya priyaroli roli sid will save simar by the year 2015

  3. wow superb,sid acting wonderfull.wating for next episode

  4. Wow….. ghost cant read but ghost can dial phone numbers and make usage of phone. how funny and stupid it sounds. They are molding the story as per their requirement.
    before they had shown that this family does not believe in superstitions and now here they are actually talking and being with a ghost…

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