Sasural Simar Ka 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mausi ji says this time is not to cry this time is to make enemies cry. karuna says yes tell us your plan roli. Roli says we will ask God for help. They all sit for pooja. Ranjhinder says forgive us sid. He says what ar you saying. Mata ji is in tears. She says these are tears of happiness my whole family is one after so long. mausi ji says where did this sun rise from. mata ji syas baa and karthik have made us one. mausi ji says they will be clean bolded after seeing us together. Roli explains her plan.

All three brothers are trying to open the door. they ask the man of karthik to hep them. He shoves it and sid who is inside hist him with a rod. they lock him in the room. another one comes and says to sid what are you doing here? Sid says I am coming from there. he says where is my pal? shalu says he was following you. when he turns shalu hits him and he falls as well.

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scene 2
In Hong Kong, prem and surbhi are watching a show. Surbhi recalls prem with siamr. Vikrant drinks full bottle of wine. He recalls simar with prem. Karan says I know women more than you, I told you simar loves prem but you didn’t listen to me. Virkant says don’t annoy me. karan says I can see your trouble. A man drinks this much when he is too happy or too sad. and in your case its sadness. I am telling you. one night and simar I yours, vikrant says my love is not that weak. He leaves. Simar sees virant standing alone. She says what are you doing here vikrant? He says is there any problem? simar says are you drunk? He says yes I drank and I dran for you. simar says what you mean? He says this wine will give m courage to tell the truth. I love you simar I don’t know why and hpw it happened but yes I do. I love you simar. Simar is dazed. vikrant says we were always together. Simar sys stop it vikrant today you broke your promise. You broke the limits we never crossed. When I had no family I had you as a friend. you helped me in moving forward and now you did this. What you thought? How you even thought anyone can replace prem? there is no room for anyone else in my life. For me memories of prem are enough to live with. vijrant says the prem who threw you out of his life. WHo hates you. For whom you are nothing, simar says that’s our personal matter. You have lost the right to even suggest me something. You have ruined our friendship. Keep one thing in my only prem right on my every breath. simar goes out and swipes her tears, she recalls what vikrnt just said now. surbhi says I am going to my room. I am not feeling well, he sees imar crying and rushing to her room. Prem says surbhi go to room I am coming in a few moments.

Scene 3
In bharadwaj house, a thug comes in kitchen and asks for water. pari gives him water. roli throws some red chili on him and pari hits him with a pan. They lock him in the room. Sid comes in disguised as thug. roli says to a thug what will you like in lunch? Sattu and shalu are taking the man out. Shalu drops a vase. The thug says what is it? roli tries to stop him. He goes down. Roli follows him. He asks what dropped? karthik comes and says wht was that noise? sattu says I dropped this vase and it broke.

Precap-prem sees someone about to stab simar,prem saves her and dresses her wound.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. how dare u surbhi to stab simar from back.when perm find out thats u only then c he will never forgive u.

  2. What, that is Surbi stabbing Simar? Wow that’s taking it too far, too far

  3. wow thats so sweet 2 know that it is surbhi 2 stab prem pls find it fast nd patch up with simar

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