Sasural Simar Ka 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Simar says truth is a lot more dangerous than what you know. fake roli comes in. simar stops. mata ji says sit with your didi that its all over we are all with her and you. everything will be fine. roli hugs simar. Mata ji says what happened simar? roli says mata ji didi needs time to get out of what amar has done. mata ji says i am going do take care of her.

Fake roli says you forgot you made me a promise? why are you forcing me. simar says i beg you bring my sister back. i cant live without her. fake roli says i am telling you last time. your sister and family will have to face the consequences of all this. Mata ji is on the door, simar says in heart i think mata ji has heard it all. roli gives medicine to simar. simar says my head hurts. roli says let me massage you. roli says i consider you my sister i care about you. that is why i am telling you dont expose me and let it stay just the way it is. Mata ji says in heart what is all this. simar directs mata ji to leave. roli turns back and says mata ji you?

Scene 2
Shurti is going somewhere. her mom asks where are you going? she says there is some NGO work. her mom says drink the milk. her dad says i told you to take energy powder with it. He mixes it in her milk and gives her. shurti leaves. her mom says i cant do this anymore. The man says you get a good pay for this acting. keep acting and increase your bank balance.

Roli says does she know my truth in her heart, sid comes there and says roli come downstairs. Simar thanks God. roli says what happened? Sid says come you will know, roli says mata ji didi come with me. they go downstairs.
Mata ji holds simar’s hand. fake roli sees them. when she moves, Mata ji says our roli? where is she? Simar says please dont say all this here. We have to do something and don’t tell anyone, i will tell you everything. she shouldn’t know that you know it. She will know. mata ji says who is she? simar says please go downstairs or she will doubt. They go downstairs.

Cops are there along with amar. Amar feels hurt. He wonders why is everyone staring at me? He says how i got these bruises? Fake roli comes downstairs. amar recalls all that happened last night, He stands up. Inspector says mrs. Roli tells us what happened. roli says he came here to take revenge from my sister and when i tried to save didi he attacked me. amar says she is lying. she must have hypnotized me. I dont remember anything. sid says stop this game. Inspector says simar tell us what happened? did he attack you? simar wonders what to do. roli says didi why dont you tell him that he attacked you. for your sister roli please tell the truth. amar says in heart simar its time to expose her. inspector says simar tell us truth without any fear. Simar says whatever roli said is truth. amar is shocked. mata ji says no simar this isn’t the truth otherwise your eyes wont have been down.

Precap-inspector arrests amar. He says i have proof. I recorded everything in my phone in which this roli accepted her crimes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. for hw **** long does dis fake roli drama gona go???
    chi got vexed up watching dis shit

    1. Till they find a new villain n plot vch will torment the fmly for another couple of months……they never live in peace and happiness

  2. Feeling so sad for amar…….I think the vidoe will go missing from his phone and he can’t prove her to be guilty. Thank god…at least someone in the family knows that things aren’t going right…

    Where is that vaishnavi….

  3. Atleast someone has now know the truth I think the video will be missing

  4. Video won’t be b there. I am damn sure. They won’t finish it so fast without bringing more twists n turns.

  5. Happy that at least mataji came to know d truth

  6. even i am waiting for tht lady vaishnavi she is the one who can expose sara khan

  7. ur right neetu
    i think she will be exposed by feb 1st or 2nd week

  8. Any clues why jhanvi took sid n sara to confide somthng

  9. OMG these ppl never learn!! They record evidence in their phone and its the ONLY evidence they have, yet they freaking announce it to the villain that they have it! Wat the hell… Ugh! -.-

  10. Lol yhmf. .u r rite.Yea y jhsnvi took sid n Sara

  11. Why are people sooo dumb? You never tell in front of everyone that evidence, show the proof to the police and that’s it. Done and dusted, person’s arrested. move on.

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