Sasural Simar Ka 20th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 20th January 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 20th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
For the next task time is up, Simar apologizes. Meghna says i regect your apology either complete the task or your family will be killed.
Pari says will we be killed for this mistake of Roli and Simar. Mata ji says they have doing so much for us and just one mistake changed your mind. Pari says its our family on stake. Simar and Roli are apologizing Meghna. Simar says it was our mistake kill us, Meghna says what will be the fun in killing you. I wanna see your frustration when I will kill every single member of your family. You will die every moment every second. Simar bows dow to Meghna’s feet and says please don’t do this. Meghna says no you have an hour, you have a last chance. Its 10:00 am right now. You really like this letter letter game. Lets play this. I have written some notes first will take you to the second one and second to third one and so on. The last will take you to your family. Roli says we will do everything for your family.

Scene 2
Sonia asks driver where is the note ? He says there was no note I am sure. The detective calls and tells her the latest updates. She plans to tell it to Roli and Simar.

Scene 3
Meghna gives the first note to roli and simar, there is clue on it. Simar and roli try to contemplate. Sonia calls Roli, She receives the call and says yes sonia ji. Meghna gets the phone and says stay out of this. Sonia says let me talk to her other wise It won’t better for you. Meghna gives roli the phone and she tells about the detective. Roli says we just have one hour for our family. Leave us alone. Sonia gets it. She first plans to tell police then she didn’t fond it a good option. She wonders what should she do.

Scene 4
The clue says that its neighbor, that what the family figure out. Roli and Simar are wondering over what it means. Simar says time is slipping out of our hands. What will happen roli. Roli and Simar are pondering. Meghna says the people who fight never lose ? That’s what you say to each other, no ? Welcome to real world. Simar says we won’t lose roli we have the prayers of whole family with us. We will solve all the clues. Roli repeats the clue, so they can think again. Roli gets it, she says its neighbors. Meghna says not bad it was just a warm up. The real game will began with next one. Simar says which neighbor is this about ? They realize its verma aunty and they will get the next clue there. They find a lock on her gate. Another neighbor comes and roli asks where is verma aunty ? She says I guess she went to the market.
Meghna comes in front of the mirror and says roli and simar are like the flame which is about to blow. Mata ji says they will win for sure they will do anything for their family. God helps those who are on the right path.
Pari starts screaming. Please Meghna let ,e go I have a young kid, everyone tries to console Pari but she is out of her mind. Mata ji slaps Pari and says be quiet, nothing will happen. We have to believe no one will ever destroy us since we have roli and simar. Meghna says what a senseless belief that is. Truth is that you all are going to die but no matter if you wanna live with this stupid beilief.

Precap- Simar says we can’t wait for verma aunty to come. ROli tries to break the lock. Verma aunty shouts from the back what are you doing ?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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