Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th January 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th January 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki scolds rashi for supporting savitha. At rajpal nagar, kinjal asks dhaval to think about kids as told by madhu. But dhaval says he will consider urmi’s words as well. Kinjal gets angry with dhaval and he apologizes her. Dhaval promises that he would reconsider madhu’s words. Urmi overhears this and thinks the kids issue has come in between the couple now. At modi bhawan, Jigar will be telling chirag that it was so funny going as a bhooth before tripti. Radha gets hyper and pours hot sambar on jigar’s hand. Radha apologizes jigar and gopi for all her mistakes. Rashi says she will be forgiven by modis as they all are good at heart. Gopi hugs radha but she feels radha is hugging her tightly but doesnt matter it much. Urmi knocks kinjal’s

room, urmi says madhu is sleeping in her room and she couldnt sleep there as madhu was snoring so she wants kinjal to sleep with madhu. Kinjal walks to urmi’s room as dhaval requests her. Kinjal finds madhu isnt snoring and thinks urmi was lying.

At modi bhawan, gopi will be washing face in washroom and radha comes there with a knife in her hand but stops near the washroom door listening to someone’s foot steps. Radha hides behind a curtain. Ahem comes with mira and lets her lie on bed. Ahem will be searching for some file and gopi gives it to him. Ahem hugs gopi and thanks her. Radha leaves from the room. Gopi feels that someone was there in the room till now but ahem says it was just her halozination.

Urmi and rashi on phone discuss that modis have spent lot of money on doll’s marriage. Rashi feels bad that no one remembers her birthday. Urmi asks rashi not to have expectations with modis. Next day, rashi will be excited for ladies sangeet. Savitha comes there and taunts modis to arrange the sangeet in a special way. So savitha suggests for a dance competition. Savitha leaves. Bha will be making fun that she would dance and make everyone lose. Radha comes there and finds all laughing and feels bad. Bha asks gopi whether she has heated her oil. Gopi says yes. Radha gets a plan and goes to kitchen and loosens the screws of the pan in which oil is getting heated. Gopi comes there and will be putting the oil in bowl, rashi comes there and takes away gopi from there and asks radha to do that work.

At rajpal nagar, kinjal scolds urmi for lying that madhu was snoring. Madhu doubts that urmi was planning some thing and lied. Dhaval comes there. So urmi complaints dhaval about kinjal and leaves angrily. Here gopi requests ahem & rashi to jigar to participate in dancing competition with them on sangeeth. Both the husbands agree. Gopi says she would bring the dried clothes from outside and then would practice. Radha follows gopi. Gopi will be trying to take out a cloth which was stuck and radha tries to push her, but koki comes there and radha stops. Koki asks gopi to practice for dance competition after taking out the clothes.

Meera asks Gopi for a balloon and when Gopi tries to take the balloon Radha pins a blade into the balloon. Everyone gets shocked.

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