Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Simar wins 1st Round


Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhimanyu hosting the fashion show and says stage is set for the sizzling fashion show. He welcomes the judge Ms. Manini on the stage. Manini says today we will see old school sanskari bahu face off with hot sizzling and modern bahu. She says who will win, old thoughts or new approach. She says there will be two levels for this competition, and says there will be first level of ramp walk, we will do the judgement. She says it will base on three challenges, walk, charishma and confidence. She says after that most exciting level, is level 2 which you haven’t heard about it before. Reema asks Simar if she can hear her, and says she has connected herself with Bluetooth. Simar says yes. Ishita drags Reema and asks her to attend Rudra’s call, as he is troubling her by calling her. Simar goes to stage. Ishita diverts Reema and comes to the stage. She says you was jumping due to your sister’s support, I will see what will you do now?

She does the ramp walk. Reyansh, Chitra get happy. Simar tries to talk to Reema, but the latter is not connected via Bluetooth. Ishita smiles. Simar asks where are you, di, please reply. Someone asks Simar to go to stage. Reema tells Rudra that she don’t have time for all this. Rudra says I am sitting with the clients and they want to do three indo American ads films. Reema says three ads films. She falls in his trap. Sandhya says why Simar is not coming. Simar thinks Reema di is not answering and thinks what to do? Rudra asks Reema to take her first plunge. Aarav comes to Simar, and asks her to relax. He asks her to listen to her soul and heart. He asks her to show everyone what is Simar, your truthfulness etc. He asks her to go. Simar comes to the stage. Everyone looks at her. Sandhya says what will happen in 2nd round. Gajendra says why she is not walking. Indu says Ishita gave her uncomfortable clothes. Aditi, Vivaan asks her to walk. Aarav asks her to move forward. Ishita smirks. Simar recalls Ishita challenging her.

Aarav asks Simar to go. Simar recalls promising badimaa. She opens her eyes and thinks I have to do this for badimaa, for all the women who have listened to everyone to be connected to her roots, for all the girls whose simplicity is called as helplessness, I will do it as I am Simar. She starts walking on the ramp in style and folds her hands to greet everyone. Pallavi asks how did Simar become senorita overnight. Simar starts posing. Suddenly her dress lace open up and her dress was about to flip off her chest. Simar holds her dress and gets tensed. Badimaa comes to the fashion show and sees Simar standing holding her dress. Ishita says now the wardrobe malfunction will happen of Oswal Bahu and it will be the headlines of the newspaper. She recalls loosing the dress lace so it falls down when Simar is on the stage. Chitra tells Pallavi that the arrow hit the bullseye. Sandhya says why is she holding her dress.

The judge asks what happened to her suddenly. The people gossip too. Abhimanyu says if she stays back then she will lose. Other lady host asks her to move forward. Simar thinks she couldn’t fulfill the promise made to badimaa. Aarav tells Sandhya that there is a problem in her dress. He tries to go to stage, but is stopped by the guards. Vivaan asks Aarav what happened? Aarav tells the problem with her dress. The guards refuse to let him go. Badimaa prays to Mata Rani to protect her. Badimaa prays to Mata Rani to protect Simar’s respect and their family. Suddenly, there is a heavy wind and the curtains falls from the ceiling on the stage. Simar holds one of the curtain which falls on her. Jai Maa Kaali plays…..Badimaa prays to Mata Rani. Aarav manages to come to stage and holds Simar, the curtain gets wrapped around her. Everyone claps for them. Ishita gets upset. Aarav says nothing will happen to you Simar and says who is blessed by mata rani, can’t land in any trouble.

Abhimanyu tells that this was great moment for everyone, who touched everyone’s heart, and you both are true love. Manini says today we have seen with our eyes, that behind everyone successful woman is the man and says if the husband supports his wife then the sight is beautiful. Everyone claps for them. Sasural Simar ka plays….

Abhimanyu asks Judge to tell the winner of the first round, Sizzling Ishita or Ravishing Simar. Manini says everyone saw clearly and says round 1 winner is Simar Oswal. Everyone gets happy. Ishita and her side of people get upset.

Precap: Badimaa asks Ishita how dare she to think to stain Simar’s respect. She slaps her. Ishita says round 2 will be swim wear round, which will be hot and happening. Simar comes on the stage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Isn’t that Reema with Simar face cut on the stage at the promo?!
    Kinda duplicate Simar!

    And also yes. If GD had given these owsm slaps to chitra during initial stages, maybe Ishita might have not come in the family and so the evil mind of chitra😏

  2. Ridiculous.
    Total fiction far away from reality.
    How can a fashion show be organized at a large scale in a day n that too only for 2 contestants 🙃

    1. We should not search logic in serials 😂😂😂

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