Radha Mohan 6th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Gungun finds the newspaper article


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Radha kneels to pick the newspaper, she starts reading it so gets really worried, Dadi is also tensed when Kadambari asks why is Dulari throwing garbage in front of the bride, Dulari snatches it from the hand of Radha before she leaves with Kadambari, Tulsi standing exclaims there is surely a sign in her signals which is why whatever signs she got because of Mohan and Radha, she accepted them all just as when she kept the varth for Mohan and they also were the ones to break each others varth, how the name of Mohan was also written on her hand, while in the end he made her wear the ring on the engagement so she accepted they both are made for echother, so if this is the case then why is Radha going to have the Mehndi of Hriday;’s name while tomorrow they would be married, Gungun while still being a child is trying to stop this marriage but she is not doing anything. She has seen a mother for Gungun in Radha but never thought that she can be the wife of Mohan until she was given the signs, Tulsi prays that her desire should not be broken like this and the marriage of Radha and Hriday should not happen under any circumstance.

Dulari is walking with the garbage when she drops the newspaper, Damini picks it up and is reading when she suddenly gets shocked when Kaveri touches her, she asks Damini to burn it as soon as possible.

Dadi exclaims how can any of her rituals be fulfilled without the Bhagwat Geeta, Tulsi is praying in the Mandir when Radha stands opening the Bhagwat Geeta, she is about to sit down when Damini bumps into Mohan while walking causing the newspaper to fall on the Bhagwat Geeta, Mohan apologize exclaiming how he feels she is more eager to get Radha married, he leaves complimenting her. Kaveri comes questioning if she managed to burn it but Damini replies that it once again fell.

Mohan thinks that some people enter their lives without asking but then become really important, he never thought she would be so important for him as the moments which he got to spend with Gungun are irreplaceable. Mohan is looking at Radha who is sitting at the swing, he is startled and not able to think about anything but how Radha just came to make sure he remains happy in his life while the relation with Gungun becomes strong. Radha thinks she would leave this house tomorrow, but will surely remember al the love that she got from this family including the mischievous behavior of Gungun but most of all the anger of Mohan but how he ju8st cares for her in reality.
Kadambari asks Ajit where is the band, he assures they would be arriving really soon so he assures it would be a lot of fun.

Gungun standing is thinking about all the moments spent with Radha, how she saved her life and also stood there for her protection, she thinks if Radha is surely going to leave this house. Gungun recalls how Radha said if she has any problem then would find the solution of it in Bhagwat Geeta. Gungun going to Radha asks if she can take her Geeta, Radha immediately agrees replying she is glad Gungun finally wants to find the solution from Bhagwat Geeta.
Gungun standing in the Mandir mentions how she doesnot want Radha to leave this house but for this has to stop this function, she doesnot know how to read Hindi but is going to try her best, he must help her find the solution.
Mohan is in the room but is really furious because of the sound of the band, he exclaims why are they playing as if today is the marriage since they should not be so happy, he covers his ears but then thinks if Radha leaves this house, then it would become really lonely. Mohan takes out the headphones when Tulsi standing beside him exclaims, he should run away from, his problems like this, while Gungun is trying her best to stop the marriage. Tulsi suddenly causes the photo to turn, he gets shocked wondering how can this happen since there is not even any wind, Tulsi says she is the one who did to make him feel the sense of responsibility.

Gungun standing in the Mandir opens the Bhagwat Geeta where she sees the newspaper, she is stunned seeing the photo of Hriday so takes out the newspaper article, Gungun exclaims he would have surely done a bad thing but what is it.
Radha is constantly searching for someone when Lata jee comes asking what happened, she replies she cannot see Gungun. Lata jee assures she would be playing here but now Radha must worry about Hriday since she is getting married to him.

Kadambari is standing when Ketki points her to the gate from where the aunti comes, she exclaims she is the one who they call for any Mehndi function. Damini asks where is Hriday, Kaveri exclaims that she doesnot know it but Damini should deduct it from his pay.

Kadambari suggests Mousi jee to make sure the color of Mehndi doesnot come off till a month, she recalls how she wrote the name of Mohan last time when in fact Damini is his fiancé. Tulsi mentions they both are wrong since Radha only has the name of Mohan written on her heart, she should go to see the mirror to find out the truth about her feelings. Tulsi exclaims she would not have said anything if Radha loved Hriday but she actually loves Mohan, she only has to see in her heart to find out the truth. Tulsi exclaims she tried her best to make her place in the heart of Mohan and Gungun but now that has happened, why is she leaving. Tulsi requests her to not go forward with this marriage, since she is not at all happy. Tulsi even holds her hand. Radha sitting on the swing feels as if something is wrong, Kadambari notices that she is tensed, so going to Radha asks what happened, inquiring if she is fine. Radha asks where is Gungun when Kadambari laughs exclaiming she would be playing here as a lot of children have, Radha also asks about Gungun from Ajit, he replies she would be in her room eating the pizza, he agrees to check on her.

Gungun is trying her best to read the newspaper, she manages to read it but doesnot know the meaning so decides to search it, she writes it in the phone and is stunned seeing that it means criminal. Gungun exclaims if this means Hriday is criminal as Radha told the truth, he can solve any problem so she is going to tell everyone that he is a criminal after which Radha would not get married to him. Gungun turns but is stunned to see Hriday standing in front of her, Hriday snatches the newspaper article from her, he is looking angrily at her while Gungun is also furious.

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