Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd December 2021 Written Episode Update: Gagan informs Simar about Aarav’s condition

Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Samar playing the music on his guitar. Simar comes there. He asks Simar to sit. Simar says I have agreed till our partnership to sing, but why do you want to marry me? Samar says someone asked me important question and I replied honestly. Simar says you know everything about me, and then also. Samar says I know everything about you and there will be no trust issues. He says I have given my consent, now the final decision will be yours. He asks her to do what she wants. He says I want to tell something and says thinking about self is not selfishness. He says you have past baggage much, but it will not come between us. He says trust and friendship comes before marriage and love and it is between us. He says final decision will be yours. Simar says I am not ready and don’t know why are we talking about this. She says this is wrong, very wrong. He says he got a call from studio for tomorrow’s recording. Simar refuses. He asks her not to mix professional and personal lives and says when you sing, your body sings and dance, you feel peace with music. He is about to keep his hand on her shoulder and then stops. He says I just want you not to ignore own happiness and says self love is important. He says do recording for yourself and not for anyone else. He asks shall I say yes? She says ok. He asks for the song or…He says ok. We will record a good scratch and goes.

Aditi wishes Bhai Dooj to Vivaan and hugs him. Vivaan says you want special gift? Aditi says I want both my brothers to be happy always. Aarav comes there. Badi Maa asks Aarav to take bath and come for Bhai Dooj. Aarav hugs Aditi and goes.

Simar does the rituals with Gagan and applies tilak and do aarti with him. Indu hopes that their relation strengthen and happiness comes. Avinash says the same. Indu goes to bring newspaper. Simar makes Gagan have sweets. Gagan says I need to talk to you. Simar says later. Indu asks Simar to give her four cups. Simar gives the cups. Indu asks her to take a wise decision after thinking about family. Simar says ok Maa. Gagan comes to her and asks her to hear him on Bhai Dooj. He says I know Simar you are very angry with me, after whatever I have done with Aditi. He says it was horrible. I have understood the pain today, how Aditi was shattered and was hurt. Simar asks how can you understand? Gagan says because my sister is going through the same pain. He says like I am feeling now, Aarav ji must have felt the same for Aditi. He says you love him a lot. Simar is silent. Gagan says if you say or not, but it is clear in your eyes. He says love of both of you, made me believe that there is nothing big than love and I made fun of it. He says how could I be so foolish and selfish. He apologizes to her. Simar forgives and hugs him. They cry. Gagan says I will not let anymore hearts break and asks her to do what she thinks right. He says I am with you, you will take your own decision. He promise to support her decision and stand by her. She says I am tired and has left with no strength. Gagan says I am with you and says to tell you the truth, Aarav ji’s condition was like you. He says yesterday he had come to meet you, and says I couldn’t see his condition. The Aarav which the world knows, he was not looking the same and was something else. Simar asks what happened to him? Gagan says I thought how can anyone love someone so madly seeing him, and says seeing you today, when someone loves him so much, then his love is justified. He asks her not to ignore Aarav and her love and says you both breath that love and asks her to think about it. Simar hugs him.

Aditi does Aarav’s tilak and aarti and makes him eat sweets. She then does Vivaan’s tilak and aarti, and make him have sweets.

She touches Aarav’s feet. He stops her and hugs her. Badi Maa asks Aditi to ask for a gift from her brothers. Aditi asks Aarav to bring Bhabhi back home. Badi Maa gets angry and asks have you gone mad, what are you saying? She asks Gajendra. Gajendra says Aditi mean to say. Sandhya says she asked him to bring Bhabhi for her. Aditi goes from there. Badi Maa stops Aarav and says he shall correct her, and shall not go behind to make her understand. She asks him to show the right way to his siblings and says I am sure, you will not back off your duty. Vivaan asks shall I give her gift. Aarav says she needs space now, as her mood is off. He gets Yamini’s call and goes.

Aditi looks at Simar’s pic and says we are incomplete without you. My Aarav Bhai is not Aarav Bhai now. She sees Gagan’s pic and calls him. He picks her call and says hello Aditi. Aditi says Gagan, I want to talk to you. He asks her to relax and asks her to say whatever she wants to say. He says this awkwardness is due to our past and says I know that you called me for Simar and Aarav ji. He says even you are worried like me like them and asks her to tell. Aditi thanks him and says I called you for Bhai and Bhabhi. She says she can’t see their condition. She says when two people love each other, then they shall not get hurt. He says yes. Gagan asks if she has any plan. Aditi says I will make a plan and will call you. She asks can I call you? Gagan says I promise, I will do what I can do. Aditi thanks him.

Aarav talks to Yamini and comes to know that today is scratch recording. He thanks her. Yamini says it happened due to Simar’s hardwork and says Samar is in her destiny. Aarav is surprised. Yamini devi asks him to come to studio as Sirav so that Simar can sing. Aarav says ok. Simar thinks she can’t do anything until she talks to Aarav. She thinks how to break the promise given to Maa. She sees Aarav going out of her room and calls him to stop. She gets Yamini’s call. Yamini asks her to reach the studio in half an hour for the recording. Simar says today I can’t sing. Yamini says today is scratch recording and not final recording. She reminds Simar of her promise when she tied the ganda bandhak. Simar says I remember. Yamini says if you break the promise, then it is like breaking my trust. Simar says I will come choti Maa. Yamini Devi says I will wait for you.

Simar gets ready to go to the recording studio and takes Avinash’s blessings. Avinash asks her to chase and fulfills her dreams. Indu makes her eat curd and sugar and motivates her to look infront and not back. She says we will think good about you always. Simar imagines Aarav going out from there. Indu asks why are you looking at the door and asks if she understood what she said. Simar nods her head. Gagan asks Simar to come, and says I will drop you. Simar goes with him.

Badi Maa comes to Reema and says I hope you are trying to fulfill the responsibility given by me. She asks when Simar is getting married? Reema asks for sometime and says very soon I will give you the good news with Mata Rani’s wish.

Precap: Simar sings and cries. She stops. Aarav couldn’t bear and goes out. Samar notices him and goes out and tells him that Simar and I are getting married. Aarav is shocked. Simar couldn’t sing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Nicole ehizokhale

    the truth is that gagan is right simar shouldn’t accept the marriage proposal because she herself is still in love with Aarav and she can’t stop thinking about him and also Aarav condition is getting worse and also Aarav and simar needs to take stand for their love against their family and also they need to stop sacrificing their love and happiness for their family because its enough and also they need to Express their feelings for each other in front of their families completely before it’s too late and also Aarav father wouldn’t have suggestions samar and simar to marry when he fully knows that his son and simar are completely in love with each other and that they miss each other and that they can’t leave without each other which is very obvious and that they can be selfish to realize that simar and Aarav love each other and that they need to reunite them and not separate them and pray that God reunite simar and Aarav together on the wedding day of Samar and simar wedding and that they both take a stand for their love in front of their families and everyone holding hands and that both families will have no other choice or option to accept their love and that badimaa finally accept simar as her eldest daughter in law without any conditions.

  2. I really cannot understand what type of person is samar actually.He can support simar asa friend also but why is he behind marrying simar 🤔.He said that he loves Nisha now they never showed Nisha why not even how she died like in uddariyan they showed angad’s wife I think that Nisa is a fictional chararter may be whom samar created to gain sympathy from simar.I cannot trust a single word of samar

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