True Love Never Fades (A Riansh SS) Chapter 4

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After Siya literally pushed everyone out of the room, they all departed towards their room.

Meanwhile in Vansh’s room

As soon as he entered his room, all the memories of Riddhima started roaming around his mind and he also remembered of how Roddhima wanted to tell him the truth.
During Ishani’s wedding, Riddhima was abt to tell her the truth but he stopped her. When they were in the glass house, again Riddhima was going to tell him the truth but he stopped her by saying that her past doesn’t matter to him.

Vansh:What did I do?? My Riddhima was right all the time..I wronged her..I did so many attacks on her, accused her…she was right I am a haivaan…I don’t deserve anyone’s love

Saying this he went towards his closet, took his belt, opened his shirt and started beating himself with the belt and kept saying

Vansh:I am a very bad person…I hv hurt my Riddhima, my Sweetheart… I wronged her…she kept saying that she is innocent but then too the revenge and my ego overpowered my senses and I betrayed her…I don’t deserve to be loved..

While Vansh was saying all these things nd hitting himself, Angre was passing from there and since the door was open he saw that his boss was hitting himself nd without wasting any time, he rushed to stop him

Vansh:Boss…boss…what r u doing..pls don’t hurt urself like this

But Vansh didn’t listen to him nd kept on hitting himself…so angre, having no other option went to Vansh and forcefully snatched the belt from Vansh’s hand

Vansh(with anger):What r u doing Angre..give my belt back..

Angre:No boss..I will not give this belt back to u..pls don’t hurt urself..see there r so many wounds nd bruises on ur back pls don’t do this..

Vansh:This pain, wounds nd bruises r nothing in front of the pain which I gave it to my Riddhima Angre…she kept on saying that she did not betray me, she literally begged me to forgive her but I didn’t even react a little…so this is my punishment…give me my belt back..

Angre:Boss pls don’t do this..

Vansh(with more anger):Angre…give me my belt back!!

Angre No boss..pls don’t hurt urself…. not for u but at least for Riddhima bhabhi..pls don’t hurt urself boss..

On hearing Riddhima’s name from Angre’s mouth Vansh calmed down a little nd by taking this as an advantage, Angre slowly cleaned Vansh’s wound, did the first aid, made him lie on the bed and went out to give Vansh some rest

Vansh was just lying on the bed staring at the ceiling when his eyes fell on Riddima’s photo frame…he took it and started talking with it..

Vansh:I know I did much wrong Riddima…I am sorry I am really very sorry…pls come back to me…I know I hv hurt u a lot…u too and our… too…

He sat up with a jerk on the bed and kept mumbling

Vansh:No no no…what I did…on the day of the press conference a courier boy came and gave a letter which mentioned that u r pregnant…what did I do…while taking this stupid revenge… what if I had hurt my baby…oh god!!!…I will hv to immediately call Angre..

Saying so he calls Angre
On the call,

Vansh:Hello Angre…you hv an investigation company right??…then pls contact your men and pls search for my Riddhima…i don’t know where she will be but then too pls search for her..
(A/N: Here Angre really has an investigation company it is not useless🤭)

Angre:Ok boss…I will search for Riddhima bhabhi asap..

The call ended and Vansh once again held Riddhima’s photo close to his heart and started speaking to it as if Riddhima was there itself..

Somewhere in Mumbai in a small 1bhk house, there is seen a girl or say a lady talking

Lady:Oh ho…what is this??…u r again troubling me?!…I hv told u na that pls don’t trouble me during the night time then too why r u doing this baby??

So many of you may hv guessed it right…it is Riddhima talking to her unborn baby who is troubling her by producing nausea and dizziness…

Riddhima:You also trouble ur mumma a lot baby…just like your pap..

She stopped herself in the middle from saying further as she knew that if she spoke further, then she won’t be able to control her emotions but she unknowingly spoke by taking a photo frame of Vansh in her hand…

Riddhima(To the frame):Why did u do this Vansh??…Why didn’t u trust me??…why did u announce Ahana as ur wife in front of the media??…If u had trusted me a little bit also na then the situation wud be different as it is now… i wud hv been there wid u nd we wid enjoy the stages of my pregnancy together…but bcoz of ur revenge and ego, u destroyed everything…

Saying this she broke down and went back to the memory lane of how she suffered during the initial time when she was disowned by her own husband…

Preacap:Riddhima’s suffering and Riddhima found?

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