Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Reema refuses to take part in Ms. India Pageant

Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pandit ji telling Amma that he didn’t see such an auspicious mahurat and takes out marriage date as 5th june. Badi Maa says shall we fix this date. Sandhya says yes. She congratulates Simar for Aarav’s marriage and hugs her. She then goes and hugs Chitra. Badi Maa congratulates her and makes her eat sweets. Roma informs Indu about the marriage date and asks them to make arrangements of marriage. She tells that today someone will come with the sample of invitation card designs. Reema tells Simar that marriage date is fixed and asks her to help her in choosing her clothes and also help her in select invitation card design. Simar gets happy and says she will help her. Someone comes from Oswal’s house and tells that Chitra has sent the marriage invitation sample. Reema finds the letter and opens it. She finds that she has been selected for Ms. India Pageant and gets happy. She sees the date and thinks marriage date and pageant day is same. Indu asks Reema if sample came. Reema says yes and goes. Aarav comes to Vivaan and finds him losing in the game. He says you are pro in this game, how did you lose? He shows the wedding invitation sample and says more samples are about to come. Vivaan sees the card and sees Aarav and Reema’s name together. He reminisces Reema and smiles, tells that it is good, very classy. He says we shall go for your marriage shopping until cards come, my brother shall look world’s best groom and asks him to come. Aarav holds his hand and calls his name. Vivaan asks what happened?

He asks why are you becoming mother, leaving brotherhood. Vivaan says he is thinking to even bless him and asks him to come. Chitra thinks this is the right chance to talk to Gitanjali Devi. She comes to Badi Maa and asks her if they shall talk to Gupta ji about Vivaan’s alliance. Badi Maa says ok, but be careful as Gupta ji was furious last time and if something goes wrong this time, then he will take revenge. Chitra acts sweets and takes her blessings. Badi Maa says my blessings are always with you all. Raj is with Gupta ji and asks when to fix the date. Gupta ji asks him to make Vivaan as first best first. Raj says let the marriage day come first, then see. Gupta ji says then Vivaan and Kajal’s marriage will happen next day. Badi Maa shows the wedding cards to Sandhya. Sandhya likes the card. Simar says it is good. Badi Maa asks Bhairav to get this card published, so much that no house in the city shall left without getting invited. Simar says we shall keep card for God also. Sandhya says girl’s family must have chosen nice design. Chitra says not good as us. Reema looks at the letter and thinks she didn’t apply form. She gets call from Devesh and asks if she likes his surprise. She asks why did you keep my name in the list. He says I have underestimated your talent, I know that you have fire to win it and you are ready to win. Reema says she is not interested in this pageant. He says you have seen this dream always and tells that you are not born to be someone’s bahu, but to become the beauty queen and rule on this world. Reema asks Devesh to stop it. Simar comes there. Reema hides the offer letter. Simar asks if she is fine? Reema says she is fine and tells that she got excited seeing cards. Simar asks her to save her emotions and come for selecting the cards. They go out.

Simar, Gagan, Avinash and Indu select the card while Reema is thinking of Devesh’s words. Avinash tells that they will note down guest list and then will get the cards printed according to the list. Reema says I will just be back. She goes and reads the letter that she has been selected as the wild card entry. She imagines herself winning the pageant in the event and getting the coveted title and crown. She gets overwhelmed with her imagination. She imagines further walking on the ramp like a diva. She then recalls Sandhya making her wear the necklace and recalls Devesh’s words that she is not made to be someone’s bahu, but to rule on this world as a beauty queen. Simar comes there and asks Reema to get ready to come to temple, as they have to invite the God. Reema says ok.

Aarav, Badi Maa, Simar and others do the aarti of the Bappa and pray in the temple. Simar tells Pandit ji that they give first card to Bappa first. Pandit ji asks if girl’s family are ready with the card. Simar says yes. He asks her to bring coconut. Badi Maa asks Bappa to get Aarav and Bahu’s ghatbandhan. Devesh comes there. Chitra comes to Devesh and asks if Reema agreed. He says Reema agreed and got excited to marry. Chitra says she shall not refuse and asks him to take the money, and says you will get more after the work. He refuses the money and says your work will be done, I don’t need it, I have personal enmity with Reema. Chitra says I shall leave from now and asks him to do the work. She goes.

Aarav sees Reema and Simar 2 coming. Reema is busy in her phone while Simar 2 asks her to hold the aarti plate as she has to take out flowers from the bag. Aarav admires her. Reema covers her head with Pallu. Vivaan looks at the wedding card standing in the balcony and gets teary eyes. Reema comes to Aarav and looks at him. He also looks at her smilingly. Vivaan looks at the sky. Simar comes to Aarav. Reema touches her feet. Simar blesses her and looks at Simar 2. Aarav calls Vivaan and then messages him asking where is he, as they are starting the rasam to invite Ganapati. Both Aarav and Reema stare at each other.

Precap: The families will unite for the Ganapati Puja. Reema gets shocked seeing Vivaan with Aarav. Aarav introduces Vivaan to Reema as his younger brother. Vivaan greets her and says he is Vivaan Oswal. Reema gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Nicole ehizokhale

    reema will still go for the miss Indian contest and she wouldn’t care about the wedding and Aarav and then badi simar will have to bring choti simar to the mandap to save both families respect and reputation from getting ruined just because of reema and then the marriage ritual will begin and then Aarav and simar will completely take their vows while reema will be in the miss Indian competition competing and then before she arrives back Aarav and simar are already and legally married and then reema will now have to marry vivaan later .

  2. Yeah same old content. But I was really shocked seeing the episode name though it was not true.

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