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Sitadevi and Babasaheb are surprised to hear the knocks at their door late at night. Babasaheb goes to check. A guy is shivering because of cold and requests for a blanket from Babasaheb. We left for a pilgrimage and dint realise that the weather will change suddenly. Sitadevi is about to give a blanket to the guy but Babasaheb holds out his hand at her. He apologizes to the guy. We only have 2 blankets and we need one each for ourselves. I would have given one to you if I had an extra blanket. The guy asks him to check again. You don’t have an extra blanket? Babasaheb apologizes to him once again. We only have 2 blankets in total. I am helpless. The guy walks away and Babasaheb closes the door. Sitadevi asks her husband why he dint give the blanket to the guy. He points out that the weather might turn colder. We can use the extra blanket if that happens. She says we are still inside house. He retorts that the guy should have thought things through before leaving for the pilgrimage. I dint ask him to get out of his house without the right preps.

Sai returns to Dwarkamai. Tatya asks Him where He was. Sai says you will find out everything tomorrow. You and he too will!

Rama asks Lakshmikant why he gave food to everyone in their rooms. I understand that Kaki is not well but why dint others join us. He repeats that the family members are lost in their own things. They don’t even talk to each other or sit with each other. This confuses her all the more. I used with Ajji at my home and we used to eat together at Dwarkamai too. Lakshmikant rues that this is the problem of this house. Your Kaki locks herself in the house most of the time. Bala is following her example. Bhagirathi used to keep all of us together earlier but she sits quietly in her room since her in-laws threw her out of the house. I tried a lot but I have given up now.

A flashback is shown where Sai comes to Dwarkamai with Rama. Champa says we were waiting for you to have food. Let’s eat now. Keshav nods. Rama says Azoba told you to have food as we had to take a bigger round today. I am looking for something. Sai explains that Dwarkamai is a family. A family always eats together. This strengthens unity and love amongst them. Rama nods. Flashback ends.

Rama thinks Azoba was right. I ate with everyone every day till the time I was in Dwarkamai. I will try to bring everyone together from tomorrow. How will I make it happen though?

Vidya is pacing in her room. She thinks of Rama. A girl is yearning for her parents and this mother here! Rama comes to give medicine to Vidya. What’s special about her that I cannot say no to her? She seems to be my own since our first meeting. I am getting attached to her. Is it because Rama is around the same age?

Lakshmikant shows Rama to her room. Will you be able to stay here? She nods. I never had a room to myself before. He asks her if this isn’t small. She denies. I am young and I have little to no stuff. What will I do with a big room? I want to bring everyone out of their rooms. I haven’t come here to be locked in the room. I have to only sleep here. This room is just perfect for me! He points at a cupboard. You can keep your stuff there. He compares her to Bala. She gets happy on all the little things so easily while Bala always remains grumpy. Rama asks Lakshmikant about the box kept in the room.

Vidya is still thinking about Rama.

Lakshmikant opens the box for her. Rama asks Lakshmikant about the toys, clothes inside the box. Who do they belong to? Lakshmikant says there is no one to play with them. You can take them if you like. Rama picks up a doll as the clothes are of a smaller size. Can I play with her? Lakshmikant allows her to play with it. Atleast someone will play with them. Vidya snatches the doll from Rama’s hands. She glares at Rama. Sai is watching everything. Vidya asks Rama whose permission she took before picking this doll. Lakshmikant says I let her. This is a toy. She retorts that these are the memories of the one who he had snatched from her. Do you also want to snatch her memories now? He apologizes to her and requests her to forgive him. Rama goes outside. Vidya asks Lakshmikant what all should she forgive him for. I was weak at that time but I wont let you do as you wish now. Rama comes back with a stick. Please don’t scold Kaka. I asked him but it is my fault. Your health is deteriorating because of it.t ake out your anger on me. Hit me as much as you want. I wont feel bad at all. Vidya looks at her blankly. Rama decides to punish herself but Lakshmikant stops her from hitting herself but Rama explains Sai’s point of view. If you keep anger inside you then one falls ill. You should feel things when they are actually happening. Kaki might feel better afterwards. She starts hitting herself with the stick. Vidya’s and Lakshmikant’s eyes widen in shock.

Tatya is sitting next to Sai but he is looking at the dhuni.

Vidya takes the stick from Rama and throws it away. Don’t do this ever again! I did not tell you to hit yourself. You made a mistake as you did not know. I will tell you to make sure this does not happen again. Don’t touch my doll or this box ever again! Rama promises her. Vidya closes the box and begins to go when Rama asks her if she forgave her. Vidya looks at her and begins to go again when Rama asks her to come outside for her meal tomorrow. Azoba says one must walk around to remain healthy when they are ill. I will like it if you will come outside. You too will feel better. Vidya leaves.

Lakshmikant looks at Rama’s hand sadly. He applies lep on her marks later. Rama smiles.

Sai smiles seeing them thus. Tatya notices Sai smiling. What happened? Sai says a father’s love won today. It has been awakened again!

Next morning, Sai is collecting alms and speaking to people on His way.

Rama and Lakshmikant are drying the utensils. Rama tells him that she will make everyone eat together. Lakshmikant says everyone here is very stubborn. Rama says my Ajji used to say that she has seen the world but I am the most stubborn person who she has ever come across. Let’s see what happens. Please go and call everyone. He agrees. I dotn think they will come though. She tells him to give it a shot. I will make seating arrangements. He comes back and tells her that everyone refused.

Vidya is thinking about last night’s incident and of Rama’s request.

Lakshmikant tells Rama they wont agree. Give me the plates. I will give it to them in their rooms. Rama denies. Everyone has become used to giving up in this house. This wont happen till the time I am here or I wont eat. He tells her not to act childish. She says they are being childish here. He says you are the intelligent one. I am telling you that they wont come. She looks behind him and smiles. Someone is here. Lakshmikant turns and notices Vidya.

Precap: Sai meets Rama. You gave up too easily. I thought you will never give up. Rama says they are adults. They wont listen to a kid. I tried my best but Tai ended up scolding me. Sai suggests using examples when words don’t help. He gives her a utensil. She asks Him what she should do with it. He agrees to tell.

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