Sasural Simar Ka 19th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 19th June 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 19th June 2013 Written Update

Prem tells Khushi that the court has given them 7 days and after that her and Veeru will be gone from here for forever. Entire family is happy. Mataji asks him what happened in the court. Prem says, court gave them 7 days to prove that Roli is fake and if they dont find any proof then Roli will get all property back. Everyone thanks God. Mataji says, I knew that court will make decision in our favor. This is our Roli and that’s the truth. 7 days more and all our problems will be out of this house. Sujata tells Roli, all your tests are done forever. She hugs her and whole family is happy. Khushi interrupts, by celebrating you won’t win.. it’s just for few days because I will reveal this girl’s secret to everyone very soon and court will change their decision. Simar says in her mind, I will have to keep Bantu away from everyone for 7 days.. if anyone sees him, then it will create issues. Khushi notices Simar is tensed while everyone else is happy. She wonders if it has to do anything with secret in Roli’s room.

Late night, Veeru and Khushi are trying to open the lock and enter a room. Other hand, Bantu feels someone is coming to his room and gets scared. He hides and door opens. But it’s Simar who enters the room where Bantu is.

Khushi and Veeru are in some other room and they are trying to find some proof.

Bantu asks Simar, till how long I will have to stay in dark like this? Simar says, just for few days.. once bad people are gone from this house, then you can live with your sister again. Bantu gets happy and Simar gives him food.

Jhumki returns to her room and cannot find Bantu. She gets worried and thinks about talking to Simar. Right then Simar comes there and tells her, I kept him in store room. Jhumki says, what? how he will be able to stay there? She asks Simar to bring him back. Simar says, Khushi was trying to get in and I came on last moment. She has doubt that someone lives with you in this room. Jhumki sees all stuff messed up. Simar says, they came to your room and checked your room.. that’s why I hide Bantu in store room. Don’t worry.. he’s absolutely fine.

Bantu is eating chocolate and suddenly sees a mouse. He starts screaming and then realizes that Simar told him not to make any noise, but he also scares from mouse. Someone passes by from store room, but fails to know Bantu is in. Bantu is relieved.

Entire family is eating kheer in the living room and police come there. Everyone is surprised to see them.

Police tell them that someone called us and said there is a thief in this house. Bharadwajs say you must have misunderstanding.. there is no thief in this house and no one called you from this house. Khushi and Veeru come out with Bantu and say, the thief is here. Jhumki is shocked!! Khushi says to police, I called you and here’s the thief. Simar is tensed.

Mataji asks Khushi what is this new way to bother us? Who is this kid? Veeru says, I caught this thief and you’re questioning me? It’s your hobby in end. Veeru continues, I was passing by store room and heard some voice. I moved on a side and he felt that I left from there. But then we see Veeru going in and catching him. Bantu cries and says, I am not a thief. Veeru says. all thieves say that.. that is why police is there. Simar says in her mind, I will have to save Bantu somehow. Police start questioning Bantu, he doesn’t say anything. Police say, say fast else we know many other ways. Jhumki interrupts and says, I know him. Everyone is shocked.

Precap: None

Update Credit to: Shreya

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