Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 19th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 19th June 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 19th June 2013 Written Update

Prabhu scolds Seema as she has not started the grah pravesh preparations. Seema is holding the kalash when Mandy bups into her and asks if it has rice or glsas pieces as she might start torturing Gunjan from Day 1.Seema is irritated. The family comes back and Seema does arti to welcome Gunjan and Mayank. Gunjan then touches the kalsh with her foot and walks after placing her feet in alta ki thaali.
Mayank asks Gunjan how her new house is she answers its good but she cant say the same about her husband he asks her to wait till the night. Gunjan says she is hungry and Shayl asks Mayank if he is also hungry Gunjan is touched that Mayank fasted for her. Rachna tricks Mayank that his friend called on the landline and Mayank leaves Rachna tells Gunjan about a rasam where she has to run around a person thrice and then take blessings . Gunjan does it around Seema and everyone is laughing Shayl realizes Rachna tricked Gunjan and says it loud.

Shayl tellls Gunjan that she will get fruits for them but Seema insists Gunjan has to go to the temple do arti and only then break her fast . Shayl is furious but Mayank says he will wait as he has fasted leaving Seema shocked. Bua tells Seema to stop it and to take blessings at home and they can eat as she made food without onion and garlic.

Everyone is eating while Rachna and Shayl are serving. Mayank Gunjan feed each other and Seema Sangeeta exchange glances. The game starts where Mayank and Gunjan have to search for ring in a bowl filled with milk and rose petals . Who ever wins the game will dominate the other. Mayanj wins the first and Gunjan wins the second. In the last round Mayank finds the ring but snatches it before he can take it out . Seema feels even if Gunjan would have lost she would be dominating her son.

Shayl tells the girls to take Gunjan to her room. Seema asks Gunjan to get up earl as its muh dikhai but mandy says that its not possible everyone laughs . Mayank enters the room and sees gunjan on the bed in ghungat he goes near and she is hesitant and Mayank tells not to bore him he sees her hand and it has no rings / mehendi he opens the ghungat and its Chaya. All the girls come in and Rachna says they were teasing him Mayank tells them to go and asks where is Gunajn Rachna says sleeping under the bed. He puts her to sleep on the bed kisses her head holds her hand close to his heart and goes to sleep admiring her,

PRECAP: Gunjan tells Mayank that she had not put sindoor he tells her that its not necessary that she should look completely like a newly wed. In the muh dikhai a lady opens Gunjan s Ghungat and says that she is not wearing sindoor.

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