Sasural Simar Ka 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 19th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli says I didn’t change much that you cant recognize me. Everyone is shocked. Roli comes in and hugs roli. Simar says who are you? Roli says what? Why are you asking that? Sujata says sid? Everyone is looking out for roli. Simar says you went to bring roli home where is she? Prem says sid? Roli says what are you saying? I am here in front of you. Simar says what are you saying? Simar says where is she sid? Sujata says where is roli why don’t you tell us. Sid says she is our roli. Everyone is dazed. Roli says why are you all staring at me? Didi why are you all behaving like this? if this is some joke I am not liking it. She looks at herself in the mirror and is bewildered. She touches her face and says no this is not possible. She breaks the mirror and breaks into tears. Sid comes and consoles her. Sid says roli control yourself. Roli says sid you told me that my throat has been burnt that is why my voice has change but how my face changed? Sid says her face was burnt. Doctor said he had to do plastic surgery. Its changed her face. Doctors removed the scars but couldn’t give her real face to her.Mata ji says you should has asked us once. Sid says I only cared about roli. I wanted to remove scars from her heart. How could I get you all in so much pain? This is the decision of good. We have to live with this truth. Sid hugs roli. Simar says tell me truth who are you? Where is my sister. Roli says did I am your didi, simar says don’t call yourself roli when you are not, roli says trust me I am your roli. My face changed not my heart. Simar says I am sure you are not roli. Simar says I don’t rely on eyes to recognize my sister. I know that its some trick. you wanna live here as roli. SHe says I am your roli. simar says shut up don’t ever say that again. Tell me straight who you are. prem tries to stop her. simar says find where vikrant is? I know she is sent by someone. roli says please sid tell her I am roli. simar says whats wrong with you sid. She isn’t roli. Its some conspiracy. We have to find her. Roli grasps her hand and says please truts me I am your roli. simar says if you say you are roli you have to prove it. Me and roli used to sing a song, the same we taught sanju and Anjali. Sing it. Simar says why are you quite? Roli can never forget it. Simar says I told you sid she isn’t roli. sid says its not like that. I have been with her for all 4 months. Simar says there would be one moment when you were not with her and she got exchanged with my roli. Roli starts singing the song. Simar is shocked. Simar says she has come here with all the preparations. please ask her something that was only between you and roli. sid asks roli what is the thing that sids says after. roli says you do it. She holds his finger. Roli says now you trust me didi? My heart and relationship with you has not changed. Its my bad luck that I have to porve myself in front of you. simar says shut up. This is your and Vikrant’s game. prem says simar vikrant is in jail and no one came to meet him. Roli says mata ji you remember I made you tea when you had pain in your back. You said that you have pain in back not head. Mausi ji remember we wnet to see movies and said in home that we are going to mall. When vikrant brought didi with him I vowed that I will bring her back home. Simar says who trained you? Roli says tell me how can I prove you. simar says wait until I am back home. mata ji says where are you going? simar says I am bringing proofs. Sid says please simar. simar says its about roli’s life don’t stop me.

Precap-simar places some women in front of roli and says you have to touch them and recognize our mom. Roli hugs her mom.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. flipendo smithson

    yaar you rock so fast keep on doing this hats off to telly updates good work by you all wow todays episode rocks good keep it up man you guys just rock

  2. I love Avika so much wat happen to her please com back.

  3. oh no yaar i just watch the show only for my fav roli.roli ka avika kor plz come back naa.if no roli then no sasural simar ka.plz roli back yaar.we r missing u lot.thank for update.

  4. Wow… This twist will drag until Avika comes back from her break >.<

  5. Roli is tall than simar but sara is short than simar.

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