Shastri Sisters 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 19th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Karishma seeing Devyaani going to talk to Rajat. She goes to Rajat and stops Karishma. Shastri ji waits for Anu and is worried. Anu thinks she is outside her home and don’t know whats the time, did Rajat marry Karishma. Devyaani says I doubt Karishma is behind all this. Peeya says I m afraid of her, she can do anything of Anu. Alka hears them and asks where is Anu. Peeya says we lied, Anu is missing and she is not taking the call. Devyaani says don’t worry, she will come and stop this marriage. Alka says I will talk to Rohan to ask everyone about Anu. Bua ji asks Alka to help in the marriage and taunts about Anu.

Astha asks everyone to come for pics and insults Peeya asking her to move out, as she is not family. Neil feels bad. Minty introduces Neil to everyone and asks him to take their pics. She says he is very talented and asks him to go and get the camera. Neil says I will get my tripod and leaves. Devyaani comes to Shastri ji. He says I can’t wait more, I will go to police station to file report. She says no, lets wait for some more time, if she does not come before mahurat, I will go with you to police station. Astha calls the guards and asks is she in car. He says yes, she is tied. Astha says we can attack if she is free, just take the car and go far, don’t come till marriage is done. Devyaani hears the last part. She says what car was she talking about.

She says is it linked to Anu. The guards thinks to take keys from Rohan and leave. Neil comes there and stops as he hears some sound. Anu makes sound in the car, by hitting her back to the car door. Neil says whats the sound, as if someone is knocking the car door. Neil looks inside the car and dies not find her. Hari says your son got late. Minty says I told him to take pic of home too. She asks Sareen to see where is Neil, did he sit with his friends outside. Sareen asks Rajat to come, and he will fix the pagdi. Neil hears the sound again as he is leaving with his tripod.

Devyaani comes and asks Neil did anyone take car from here. Neil asks why. Devyaani says I heard Astha telling someone to take car from here, why was she saying this, as maybe it has something which can trouble them, linked to marriage. Neil says you mean its linked to Anu. Devyaani says yes. Anu bangs the door and makes sound. Neil and Devyaani hear it and go to see. They are shocked seeing Anu tied inside.

Alka brings Gajra for Karishma. Astha asks her for what is she waiting then. Astha thinks Alka will think Anu could have been in Karishma’s place and it will be good. Karishma asks Astha about car. Astha says I have hidden it far. Neil and Devyaani free Anu and make her have water. Devyaani says I knew vamps like Astha, but Karishma is very dangerous, I will kick her out of her marriage. Anu says no, Rajat is not talking to me, don’t do anything that he stops seeing me. Neil says but its imp to tell this to Rajat. Devyaani says yes, but he should be away from negative people, Astha, Karishma and…. Neil says and mum…..

Anu asks how is this possible. Neil sees delivery boys and says I got the way. Karishma is happy and says this marriage will be failure of Rajat’s enemies and victory of our love. Lalit calls Karishma. She says my special wedding cake has come and laughs. Neil says he will give the cake and they make Anu sit in the trolley. Minty comes out and talks to Neil. She sees the cake and likes it. She says don’t do anything that can go against Rajat’s marriage. Neil says can I go against Rajat? Whatever I m doing is for his good future… Neil leaves and the trolley is left. She comes inside. Peeya says it looks she got Anu and proof too. Devyaani signs Peeya and tells her everything. Devyaani sends the waiter and says she will take care of trolley. She makes Anu come out, and hide her seeing Lalit.

Lalit says he is feeling strange to see her working in this marriage. Devyaani says I m thinking so that no one should feel so. Anu runs. Devyaani says my work is over, thanks. He thinks why was she standing outside Rajat’s room. He leaves as Bua ji calls him. Peeya tells Shastri ji that Anu came, she will come here too, everything is fine now. She messages Alka that Anu has come, please don’t tell anyone. Alka is relieved and smiles. Rajat is upset. Anu comes to him. Rajat sees her in mirror and thinks why is she not going from my thoughts. She says Rajat and he is shocked. Neil, Devyaani and Peeya come there and lock the door.

Rajat comes in the mandap. They all are shocked to see two brides.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. flipendo smithson

    wow u guys are so quick i like that point of you this episode rocks waiting for sasural simar ka

  2. Nervous about tommorow’s episode

  3. innaiku episode romba nalla irunthathu……..waiting for meri ashiqui tum see hi

    1. aama romba nalla irunthathu waiting 4 2morrows episode

  4. finally the day has came which we were all waiting.eagarly waiting for trm to c the truth to come out and rajat anu ka together and karisma ka expose.

  5. Wooooo… TRW epi must be so interesting…. Eagerly Waiting for that… Sema…..

  6. But how will they expose her

    1. Awsome episode loving this drama so far INTRESTING

  7. Very Exitment About Tomorrows Episod


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