Sasural Simar Ka 19th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 18th April 2013 Written Update

Mataji tells Sid to go the court and get marriage’s date and other required documents. Sid is leaving, but Naina comes in his way and stops him. Naina tells him, I want our marriage, but not in court.. I want it in mandap, and.. Sid says, and I just don’t want to do this marriage. Naina says, whatever society wants to say, they can.. but I am not going to marry like this. Entire family is surprised. Sujata asks Naina what are you saying? Naina says, it’s about my marriage… I don’t want it to happen hiding like this. Sujata try to understand we can’t do this marriage normal way.. you know what happened with Roli. Naina says, i know, but like all girls, I also had dream of marrying traditional way. Maybe orphan girls like me don’t have rights to see such dreams. Mataji tells Sid, you don’t need to go to court now.. this marriage will happen traditional way. I will call panditji right now. Sujata gifts bangles to Naina. Whole family is surprised with this decision of Mataji. Mausji decides to call Prem and tell him about this. Naina says Sujata these bangles are not just bangles.. it’s her confidence in Naina. She assures Sujata that she won’t disappoint her.

Prem comes to place where Naina was working before. He investigates about her saying she applied to his company and they usually do some investigation before. Receptionist refuses to give any information. Prem asks about her boss. read full updates daily only at She says boss has left as well. He receives call from Mausji who tells him about recent happening in their house. Prem doesn’t know what to do as Naina’s boss has left the job and no one else is giving any information. He again goes to receptionist and gets angry and throws glass. Receptionist says she will help. She gives him Naina’s boss number and asks him not to tell anyone about this. Prem leaves.

Naina is looking at bangles and smiling. Khushi comes there and her eyes are on those bangles. Naina says I didn’t snatch them away.. this is my shagun. Khushi asks her for the bangles, but Naina refuses saying this is blessing from my mother in law. Khushi reminds her you told me that you only want Sid, and now what happened? Khushi is angry. Naina says, I remember very well.. whatever I get after this, you can keep it. Khushi says do you want these bangles or Sid? Naina takes off the bangles and gives them to Khushi and says, really I don’t want anything beside Sid. Khushi smiles looking at bangles.

Simar is looking at Roli’s photo and saying how can Sid and Naina get married.. I know nothing has happened to you. To stop this marriage, I will have to bring you back to this house as soon as possible. But how? I don’t know from where to begin. She asks God to show her some way. Phone rings and Simar wonders who can call this late. She goes to pick up the phone, but before him Sid’s dad picks it up. It’s from Roli’s friend, Roshni. She asks him to give phone to Simar as she wants to talk to Simar about Roli. He thinks its a joke and hangs up. Simar asks whose call was it? He says same thing.. someone was joking saying they know about Roli. Roshni’s husband tells her she is just wasting her time.. when Roli’s family don’t care, then why should she. Roshni tells him, you’re right.

Veeru brings breakfast for Roli, but she’s cutting fruits. Veeru says, you kept fast again? Roli says, yes.. I will keep fast all 9 days. Veeru says, if you won’t eat, then how you will be fine? Roli says, i am keeping this fast for Devi maa.. she will give me strength. She eats fruits and it reminds her of past.. where she is eating fruits with Simar and telling her how fruits taste sweeter when they keep fast.. She then takes Simar’s name. Veeru is surprised. Simar recalls what she just said, Simar didi?

Precap: Roshni calls Simar and tells her she really knows where Simar is. She tells her she saw Roli in the market where she lives.

Update Credit to: shreya

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