Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 19th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 18th April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Bindiya drags in the vegetables that she bough while Renu also walks in with a bag and Suhnaina watches them and asks so what are they going to be cooking? Renu says that she got ready made food where she can only cook in two minutes which is very easy. Suhnaina looks at Bindiya and asks what is she going to cook and Renu says that she bought aloo and she is going to cook aloo paratha. Neelam and Sona walks in with their bag of vegetables and Suhnaina asks Neelam what is she going to cook where Neelam says that she is going to make dhal, a few other dishes and Halwa. Neelam also says that she bought all the things for less than Rs500. Everyone just looks and Suhnaina asks what is Sona going to make where Sona says that she is going to make Roti, some dishes with Masala and Kheer. She also says that she bought all the things within Rs500. Bindiya and Renu looks unhappy and Suhnaina asks Sona and Neelam to enter. Renu is about to carry her things and leave while Suhnaina stops Renu saying that she have failed. Renu asks why? Suhnaina says that the food needs to be cooked for everyone wuthin Rs500 but Renu bought less things in Rs500. Bindiya laughs and Suhnaina says that Bindiya have also failed. Bindiya asks why as she wanted to cook aloo paratha. Suhnaina says you bough only aloo for Rs500. What about the things needed to make the paratha, masala and ghee? Bindiya says that she can take it from the kitchen and Suhnaina says that this is why you are out of this because you are supposed to cook within Rs500 that i gave. Now both of you give me back the Rs 500 i gave both of you. Bindiya in the room says that she did it on purpose and she didn’t want to spoil her make up and Renu laughs where Bindiya and Renu argues and Udham says to Neelam that only she can make their dream come true now and everyone convinces Neelam. Govardan says that Neelam cooks well and she will surely win and everyone wishes Neelam while Neelam looks worried. Sona is in the kitchen where Neelam walks in and both of them start preparing the food while the rest are all nervous. Time goes by and both Sona and Neelam are cooking. Sona gets a phone call and Sona can’t hear the phone and leaves the kitchen. Sona comes outside the house and no one speaks and cuts the call. Its revealed that its Durgesh. Renu and Bindiya comes into the kitchen and spoils Sona’s cooking by adding extra ingredients. Durgesh keeps calling Sona while in the kitchen, Neelam says that both Renu and Bindiya are not doing the right thing and they ask Neelam to concentrate on her work and feels guilty. Sona enters the kitchen and taste the food and wonders how come there is so much of salt. Sona checks the other dishes and sees the milk she boiled spoiled. Sona starts to panic on what will she do now and Neelam feels bad looking at Sona in tears. Neelam is about to talk to Sona and Neelam recalls Udham’s words while Sona looks at Neelam and starts crying on what will she do to save the house and how will she explain to Suhnaina?

Part 2

Kanhaiya walks into the kitchen and sees Sona crying and asks what happened? Sona shows all the food to Kanhaiya and cries saying all is her mistake and Kanhaiya says you atre my Jhansi ki rani. Don’t cry and Sona asks how will she face Suhnaina now? Kanhaiya holds Sona hands and puts on his face asking her to close her eyes and she will feel better and think of a solution. Sona closes her eyes and Kanhaiya looks at Sona. Sona opens her eyes and she says she got an idea and thanks Kanhaiya. Sona says that she forgot what her nani thought and she will use the milk and make Halwa instead. Neelam smiles seeing Sona getting the idea and continues cooking. Sona thanks Kanhaiya for giving her the support and Kanhaiya asks Sona to have trust in herself and never give up as he knows that she will win. Sona wipes her tears and asks Kanhaiya to leave now as she needs to get back to work in order to win and Kanhaiya leaves. In the room, everyone is happy that they were able to spoil Sona’s food and lets see how she wins now. While talking, Renu accidentally insults Durgesh and Darshana gets angry saying she will tolerate all this only till they sell this house and she leaves with her share. Bindiya asks both of them to stop fighting and just concerntrate on them winning over Suhnaina. Both Sona and Neelam are cooking where Suhnaina walks into the kitchen. Sona looks at Suhnaina and Suhnaina asks her to concerntrate in the cooking and leaves. Kanhaiya is his room and Sona drops the carrot where while picking it up, Neelam peeps to see Sona’s cooking. While Neelam goes away, Sona tries to taste Neelam’s food. Suhnaina is worried thinking of the result and says that the time given to cook is over and they have to serve the food now. Both neelam and Sona are still cooking and Suhnaina says the time is over and you both are still cooking? I will only give another 5 minutes more and leaves. Suhnaina sits on the dining table where Neelam brings her dishes and Sona brings her dishes and almost falls down and Kanhaiya signals her to be careful. Suhnaina asks them both to serve the food they have cooked and Neelam serves first where Suhnaina taste it and looks at Sona while Sona serves her food. Renu says Sona, you were supposed to cook something else right, how come you cooked paneer instead? Sona says that she made paneer using the milk and Kanhaiya smiles. Suhnaina taste Sona’s food.

Precap :

Suhnaina says i can’t decide ownself on who cooked the best. Everyone also has to taste the food but the final decision will be mine. Everyone taste the food and Suhnaina asks who made the better food? Sona or Neelam?

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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