Sasural Simar Ka 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 18th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The police is arresting Anjali. Anjali says please stop them Vikram. Vikram says please inspector come in we will sit and talk. We will find a solution. Anjali is crying. SHe says please stop them, I don’t wanna go to jail. Vikram says I will do something.
Media is waiting outside. They say anjali you did fraud? Your video with sam leaked and now this. how you feel? Anjali is crying and sobbing. She says vikram please do something. They take her to jail.
Vikram asks the media to leave.
Vikram comes in and says anjali is responsible for all this. She did all this. Tanvi says she is your wife. You have to find the solution. She is your wife. Vikram says you are right I will call my lawyer.

Scene 2
Simar does arti. She says thank you for saving my son

God. Always keep us blessed. Simar says roshni this is the result of your prayers that Piyush is here with us. Roshni says your prayers too. We won’t let anything happen to this family.
Simar says thank you Ridhima. I am sorry.You were helping and I blamed you. Ridhima says you did what any mother would. Whatever happened lets forget it. Simar says lets start a new. Let continue the relationship that stopped. i mean aarav and ananiya’s marriage. Mataji says yes she is right. Piyush says it should happen real quick.
Simar gives everyone the sweets.

Roshni says Poyush why are you worried? He says I have hurt you all. Because of me your papa isn’t in this world. This is killing me inside. Roshni says it wasn’t you mistake or intention. I miss my papa but I know you will miss him more. Piyush wasn’t responsible for his death. Devil was. This is a new beginning. Piyush says I am very lucky you are my wife. He hugs her.

Mataji says its about time we check the kundlis. I have called pandit ji. We will decide the wedding date today as well. KB says to pari no one is asking you anything. Roshni brings sweets for everyone. Aarav says I want simar mom to make us all eat the sweets. Simar gives the sweets to ananiya. Pari says stop. This marriage can’t happen. Aarav says what are you saying. Pari says this is better for you. Simar says everything is clear now then what? Pari says I accused her and I apologized. But ridhima does black magic. I won’t let my son marry a magician’s sister. Annaiya says it is God’s blessing on her. She doesn’t use it for herself. Pari says I can’t accept you. Ridhima leaves. Aarva says please listen. They leave.
Arav says whatever she does she does it for pure intentions. Why are you punishing me and ananiya. Pari says you are my son. I am doing all this for you better. I have decided.

Simar says as a mother i understand.. Pari says arav is my son. I worry for him the most. Simar says you are right. Pari says don’t come between me and my son. Simar says they love each other. We shouldn’t part them. Relationships aren’t handled this way.
Pari says can you handle yours? Your husband is gone your daughter is out of hands. Mataji says shut up pari. Pari says you always take her side.

Scene 2
Vikram gets anjali bailed out. He says are you okay? She says how can I be? There were so many mosquitoes there. My head hurts. Vikram says I can’t fulfill all your dreams but I earn enough to protect you. i have that worth. She says now you will keep taunting me all your life.
Saroj says to Tao ji you know I am so worried. All the relatives call and ask me stupid questions. I don’t know what to say. Anjalu’s news is in he paper too. She says we should go back to our village. We won’t have to tolerate all this. Anjali says yes please go. Who stooped you? Vikram says stop it anjali. You did all this and still back firing. Have some shame. She says why should I be ashamed. SHe goes to her room.

Arav comes to simar and says I am sorry for what mom said to you. Simar says I didn’t mind it. I am worried for you and ananiya. Piyush comes in with roshni and amtaji. Roshni says we will find a way out to unite them. Arav says what will you do? Mataji says i don’t know what their plan is. Piyush says take out your phone. Call annaiya.

Precap-Lilly says to anjali we have decided to take your crown back and give it to tina because of what you did with her.anjali says she is lying. Tina says I have proof. Come in Simar aunty.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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