Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 18th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman punches vir bhadra and he falls back. Nandi and vir bhadra together attack hanuman, but hanuman punches both of them together and they fall down, nandi and vir bhadra go flying in the air. Hanuman thinks this war is a test for me, it is my faith for my lord. Hanuman flies in the air and punches nandi into the ground. Lord Shankar thinks hanuman’s faith in lord ram and his eagerness to make the ashvamedh successful is bring rage into him and he is able to defeat nandi and vir bhadra, otherwise who would defeat great warriors like nandi and vir bhadra. There hanuman punches and attacks nandi and vir bhadra. Virmani is shocked and says hanuman will come to attack me after defeating vir bhadra and nandi. Virmani tells lord Shankar thatmahadev please protect your disciple and fight

Now hanuman looks at lord Shankar, lord Shankar gets up and looks at hanuman. hanuman says if I have to fight you lord Shankar, to make my lod ram’s ashvamedh yag successful then I am ready to do that too. in heaven, indra dev says now the battle will be between mahadev and hanuman. there lord ram sees through the fire and is worried. Lord Shankar comes in front of hanuman now. hanuman says mahadev, pranam! Lord Shankar blesses hanuman. hanuman says mahadev, I will fight you to complete my lord’s task. Mahadev says are you sure hanuman? hanuman then remembers all his time with lord Shankar as a kid and then says mahadev, what was I doing? I cannot fight you, you are my father, I have learned from you, i wont be able to fight you. lord Shankar says, hanuman then this means you are accepting defeat. My rudransh would never accept defeat. Mahadev says hanuman you have to fight me in a battle as this is war, I understand your emotions but you cannot back out from this war as my rudransh will never do that. you have to complete lord ram’s task, you have to defeat me, for that you need to battle me. Hanuman says yes mahadev, I understand now, I have to fight you for my lord.
In heaven, mata says to brahma dev that why is this war happening lord? Brahma dev says this battle was written in destiny what has to happen will happen. Mata laxmai tells lord vishnu that prabhu how can a father fight his own son? How can rudra fight rudransh? Lord Vishnu says this battle will be a lesson to everyone in the universe. Even after night, day always comes, after destruction happiness always come. There, lord ram sees through fire and looks eager to help and worried for hanuman.
In heaven, vayu devy and indra dev say how will rudra fight rudransh? Lord Shankar tells hanuman, take your weapon and fight me. Lord Shankar keeps his trishul on ground and creates a wave on earth. Then he turns the trishul into his bow. Hanuman then removes the vijaya bow. Indra dev says hanuman has taken lord shankar’s vijaya bow to tackle his bow. Vayu dev says yes but how will he fight mahadev’s arrows?
Lord Shankar removes his nag ban and then attacks on hanuman. hanuman sees, lord Shankar says what are you looking at hanuman? remove your weapons and fight me. Hanuman picks his bow and attacks the mayor astra, the mayor astra remove bird against the nag and they both tackle and burst. Lord Shankar says you performed well my rudra, hanuman says thank you. lord Shankar says now be ready to fight a more dangerous weapon. Hanuman says yes mahadev. Lord Shankar calls for his nagvishastra, all gods in heaven are shocked. Indra dev says the nag ban was so dangerous, how will hanuman tackle lord shankar’s nagvishastra? Hanuman removes the garudban, in heaven parvati says the garud ban cannot do anything to nagvishastra, hanuman is in trouble. Hanuman’s garud ban goes to nagvishastra, the nagvishastra eats hanuman’s eagle. Indra dev and vayu dev are worried. The nagvishastra heads towards hanuman but hanuman holds the snake to its neck. The weapon now bursts and hanuman is covered in dangerous poisonous gas. Hanuman gets affected by the poison and thinks this poison is affecting me, he falls on his knees. In heaven, parvati says no nothing can happen to hanuman. he is my son, I will not let anything happen to hanuman, I bless him that nothing will happen to hanuman in this battle, otherwise I will myself get down by hanuman’s side for the battle. Parvati says this arrow has all the poison of snakes in this universe but my son cannot be affected by any as hanuman is very powerful. Lord Shankar says to hanuman, get up hanuman, you are not weak, my rudra does not fall in war. You have to defeat me, you have to complete lord ram’s task. Hanuman now sees up and gets up, the gas goes. Lord Shankar says good hanuman! virmani says hanuman is powerful but he will die today. Lord Shankar now says hanuman, you have to face more dangerous arrows now. lord Shankar removes the rudra astra and says I call for the rudra astra. All gods are shocked and parvati too. Parvati says no! the rudra astra against the rudra himself? this cannot happen, my husband is fighting my son, what a terrible situation I am in. Indra dev and vayu dev say what will happen to hanuman? lord Shankar is using the rudra astra against rudra himself. hanuman says I call for agni astra, vayu astra and varun astra. Lord Shankar attacks rudra astra and then hanuman attacks his weapons too. Agni dev and vayu dev say our weapons are no match for lord shankar’s rudra astra as it is too powerful.

Precap: hanuman creates a shield and says I am your rudra mahadev, I will protect myself. Hanuman shows all his forms and then creates a shield. The rudra astra still penetrates and hits hanuman. hanuman goes flying with the arrow in his chest and hanuman is unconscious as he hits everything ins his way flying. Parvati says no!! and gets worried and angry.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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