Sasural Simar Ka 17th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 17th June 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 17th June 2013 Written Update

Khushi’s husband feels there is something under the dining table, but badi bhabhi says there is nothing there and asks him to eat. He doesn’t check and Bantu is relieved.

Jhumki comes the village area and Veeru is following her. Soon Sid joins Jhumki and tells her that he will take her. Veeru is disappointed.

Bantu is still trying to get some food. He finally gets his hands on a roti and takes it from Pari’s dish. Pari wonders where her roti went. Mausiji’s spoon falls down. She bends down to pick it up, but Sujata stops her and gives her a new spoon.

Jhumki and Sid come to a mandir. Jhumki is annoyed with whatever Sid does. Sid thanks God for returning him his Roli. Jhumki just stands there joining her hands and stares at Sid. Seeing Jhumki like that, Sid figures that she didn’t like him coming here. He tells her that he will leave. At first Jhumki doesn’t stop, but she stops him and asks if they can stay for a bit more in mandir. Sid gets happy and in excitement his head clashes with mandir’s ringbell. Jhumki can’t stop laughing and Sid smiles looking at her. They continue their pooja.

At house, everyone goes back to their room except Pari, Uma bhabhi, and Simar. Simar tells Pari that she will clean everything. Bantu is waiting for everyone to leave as he’s too hungry. Simar and Uma bhabhi go to kitchen. Bantu takes out his hand to get something to eat. Simar sees him and gets shocked. Simar sees mataji coming down. She hides with Bantu. Once mataji leaves, Simar brings Bantu to her room. She asks him, how and why did you come here? It can be very risky. Bantu says, that means my Jhumki didi is in risk and I came to help her. He tells her, one guy came to village with Jhumki’s photo and was asking everyone about her. I saw in his car and came till here. Seeing him worrying so much for Jhumki, Simar remembers Roli. Bantu doesn’t feel good. Simar asks him what happened. He says he’s very hungry. Simar asks him to stay in her room and she goes to get food for him.

Khushi sees Simar taking food to her room and follows her. She stops her and says, you just ate and got hungry again? What’s the matter? you suddenly got hungry or there’s someone in room? Simar says, I am hungry and wherever I eat, why does it matter to you? She leaves from there. Khushi feels Simar is hiding something from her.

Simar locks her room and tells Bantu not to make any noise. Khushi is outside Simar’s room, trying to hear, but no luck. Veeru comes and she gets scared. She asks him if he found any news. Veeru tells her Sid came before I find anything. Khushi says, court case date is near and they don’t have much time left.

Priest guides Sid and Roli about some rituals. Jhumki laughs off. Jhumki plays with the thread that priest gave them. Sid stops her and then they go to tie that thread. Jhumki is getting worried for Bantu and she doesn’t know how long it will take here. Sid says in his mind, my wish has already fulfilled as Roli came back.. now I just wish we both stay together whole life. They do pooja and rituals together. Little romantic scene between the two. Jhumki didn’t seem interested at all in all that stuff while Sid kept looking at her whole time.

Back to Bharadwaj house, Bantu makes noise as daal is too hot. Simar asks him not to make noise, but Bantu still makes noises. There is a knock on her door and Simar feels it’s Khushi who heard Bantu’s voice. She gets worried.


Update Credit to: Aadi

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