Dil Dosti Dance 17th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 17th June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 17th June 2013 Written Update

Sharon was in Swayam house.She says to Swayam that she came to meet Swayam.Swayam is shocked.She then sees all around.Swayam says no one is present at home Sharon asks for his dad.Swayam replies that he is down.Sharon gives him the reports and says he is medically fit to dance in Jash.She again asks for his dad.Swayam says he is down.Sharon says I need to speak with your dad and leaves.Swayam gets the shock and runs behind.Sharon takes lift to go down and Swayam catches up with Stairs.

Sharon knocks the door the and kaka opens them up Swaron walks in straight and Swayams dad is on the thread-mill.Swayam comes behind trying to stop Sharon.Rishi tells Swayam’s room is upstairs.Sharon says she knows but she came to speak with him.He asked her about the relationship that he shares with Swayam she has come to answer it.Swayam stops her but she continues saying I don’t know about relation but I know that I ‘m in love your Son.I love Swayam.Sharon is all shocked.His father too gets a shock.He falls down the thread mill automatically.Swayam is just seeing her.Sharon says you insult Swayam again and again I feel very bad.A person like Swayam can’t be found in this worlds.Lately I realized it and I feel even you must recognize it.Swayam calls Sharon.Sharon says its the truth. Sharon moves and Swayam is all shocked.Rishi moves from there silently,

Sharon comes to Rey’s home and lets him know that she has told it.Rey asks is it to Swayam.Sharon says no its his dad.Sharon says even Swayam was there.Rey asks she is a girl of 21st century not 12th century.Sharon says she is a girl and Swayam was there too.Rey asks So Swayam knows it indirectly.Sharon says yes.Swayam was there with his father.There wear also dad,thread-mill,kaka and walls.How can I tell directly, I’m a girl.Rey teases her that she is shy.Sharon moves from there. Rishi is thinking about what Sharon said and says in a second she told everything.His father in realizing that did I didn’t do my father’s responsibilities.Swayam did not understand me or is it that I never gave him a chance.

Rey says Finally Sharon and Swayam have become Swaron.The door bell rings and Swayam is there.Rey says so she confessed his love.Swayam asks how does she know.Rey says its visible on your face.Rey also adds that she told it in front of his dad.Swayam asks how do you know.Rey says he know.Swayam asks Sharon came hear nah.Swayam asks should he go and meet her.Rey says he feels that she needs time to digest as she has confessed.Swayam is all excited.Sharon is in her home where she feels to get refreshed before Swayam comes and is at the window.

Swayam is in thoughts too.The next day he calls Rey to ask what must he wear.Rey asks is anything special.Swayam says its first day they are officially a couple.Rey says just dress up like you do.Sharon loves you the way you are.Swayam says she needs to feel that even Swayam is happy.Sharon is also confused about what to wear as they are officially a couple.Rey says they have student body and only those students will come early and rest will be late.By the time he comes Rey would have bathed twice.Swayam and Sharon say together that its gonna be a great day.

Precap: Sharon enters the class when Rey starts singing Kuch tho hua hai kuch ho gaya hai..Rey tells Swayam that he is gonna confess to Taani today.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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