Sasural Simar Ka 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 17th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vikram checks Sanjev’s BP. Anjali says here is the soup. Vikram ignores her and says I will call the doctor. He leaves. Saroj says anjali how long will you do this drama? Anjali says I made this soup. Saroj says I know you can’t change and I am tolerating you because of Simar. You think vikram is fool enough to melt Vikram again. See how he left. He won’t see your face ever again. You don’t mean anything to him. Ad this is truth you better accept it.
Anjali comes to her room and says why should I do all this when no one praises me? Simar comes in and says when you do all this to get something you never get it. Anjali says what nonsense? Simar says you did all this with half heart and that is why you can’t win Vikram’s heart. Maybe you don’t love vikram enough. Anjali says I really love him and you can’t see it. You are blind. simar says if you loved him you would have loved people who mean to him. Love can only be felt. You think you are smart and they are dumb. They can’t see that you do all this drama. You have to make them see that you are doing this with your heart. They are confident that you can’t take care of sanjev because his condition isn’t improving. If you show them you are doing this with your heart results will be good. You did all this your way. You see the consequences. Listen to my way once maybe it would help. VIkram knew you drink and party before marriage but he didn’t mind. Because he saw truth in you.
If I and your papa are together after all those years it because of truthfulness between us. I said what I had to rest is upto to you. Anjali says what will I have to do? I am asking you it doesn’t mean I am considering you my mom. I am doing this because I really love vikram. Simar says giving meds and food on time with full heart but do something that keep sanjev happy. anjali says how will I find that out? simar says you do that yourself. If your intentions are pure you will find all your answers.

Roshni sees Piyush’s photo with Roshni. He has written my love. Roshni gets mad. She is crying. Rita knocks and says I brought food for you. Roshni says I don’t want it. Go from here. Rita says I understand you more than anyone. I will always stand by you no matter what. Roshni says if Piyush is away from me it’s because of you. Rita says because of me you know whats in his heart. You thought he loves you but he didn’t. Do you want him back in your life? Do as I say? It’s my guarantee he will be yours. Roshni says how? Rita tells her the plan.

Simar and Prem come to Vadahi’s unlce’s place. Prem says we want to get vadhai married to Piyush. Simar says we want you to be part of wedding. Her uncle says she should have told us before. You are telling us now? Simar says Vadahi’s really respects you and she wants you all to be part of it. Please forget what happened. Her aunt says in heart they look. She says we will come for sure. We brought her up like a daughter. Simar says we are glad to know that.

Anjali brings Sanjev soup and makes him eat it. she says you must be thinking how am I being so nice to you? I know its not easy for you trust me now. Of course you shouldn’t. But you know what I want to take care of you and do all your chores. Promise. She makes him eat. Sanjev stares her in shock. Anjali says I will do as you say. Tell me what you like? You can’t speak. So I will say all the things and you blink and tell me. She says movies? Cricket? You like pooja pat? he doesn’t respond. Anjali says books? I will select from those books? You don’t like book either. I should ask tai ji. You would know.
Anjali goes to ask Tao ji what papa like? He tells her anjali smiles.

mataji shows pandit ji kundlis. Piyush says whats the need of this when you have decided? Mataji says we always do this. Vikram says this all doesn’t matter. See your sister’s and mine. Everything matched but see what happened. I am sorry. Please carry on. Pandit says there would be troubles in their marriage. Simar says what troubles? Piyush says what nonsense you can’t predict future? simar piyush. Mataji says there would be some solution? Pandit ji says the troubles are near them. Its not easy. Piyush says I don’t believe in all this. We will get married on the decided date. Roshni comes in. Anjali says roshni you..

UPrecap-Roshni says I didn’t come here to be part of your wedding I came here to call it off. Vadahi says what are you saying? Roshni says stop dreaming. I won’t let Piyush be yours evers. He is mine. This is my vow.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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