Chandra Nandni 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chandra Nandni 17th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Helina says what,ma says dadi should die helina,helina says but ma you said if I want Chandra I should look after dadi,ma says right it should be like you are taking care of dadi but you instead should be making sure dadi doesn’t get well and dies,helina says but why,ma says if dadi dies Chandra will never forgive Nandini and she won’t return too.helina says you are right ma.

Maliektu stops Nandini and saysim behind you until storm atleats listen to me,Nandini says what is it,maliektu says I always loved you and even We were gonna get married but Chandra came in middle and now I will kill I’m and magad will be ours,Nandini slaps him and says I will never let you do so.malikeu says enough of being sweet with you now I will show you my real power and says you are mine and tries to rape Nandini,maliektu hears Footsteps and runs away.nandini picks up stone to it him and sees Chandra.

Chandra says you want to hit me, hit but dadi ma needs you,she is unwell and will only take medicine by your hands,I’m not here for you,Nandini hunks I tough he is here for me,Nandini says between our fights innocent shouldn’t suffer I will come with you,Nandini has her foot hurt. Chanakya making medicine for dadi with is students. Nandini says Chandra I can’t walk with this I hurt you will have to proceed alone,Chandra says I won’t leave you alone here,Nandini says why do you care about me,Chandra says because I love you and sees Nandini is unconscious,Chandra lifts her in his arm and thinks oh god what did I say,if ”tis is the Truth I have to make sure Nandini is in good state later,after we separate.

Vaidya giving dadi medicine,helina walks in and says dadi was u well in preetipur too and there are few medicines In my room get them I will give dadi medicine,Vaidya leaves,helina tries to kill dadi with pillow but Chandra and Nandini step in,Vaidya walks in and says there is no medicine,Nandini asks what is wrong with dadi,Vaidya says it’s related to age and she needs to take medicine but she says she will take only by your hands,dadi wakes up and says Nandini,Nandini says dadi why don’t you take care of yourself,dadi says you are here all will be fine now,Vaidya says acharya said apply this on dadis feet and she will be benefited,Nandini says I will do it,dadi asks Nandini where were you whole night,Nandini says I was in mandir I had taken a wish for Chandra and so,dadi says good.

Chandra says yes she thinks a lot about me,dadi says does Chandra take care of you too,Nandini says yes he does,dadi says yes I had seen it when he climbed the hill with you in his arms,dadi starts coughing,helina tries to give a medicine,Nandini says no helina his is not good for cough,Vaidya says maharani is right.

Chandra asks Nandini you will not stay in this room now,you will stay in my room from today with me,Nandini says why,Chandra says for dadi,she shouldn’t know about our differences,Nandini says ok but hat doesn’t mean we are good,Chandra says so do I,and this is only for my dadi and once she is fine you can leave and this time as nands daughter and we will be separated by then,dasi shift nandinis belongings in my room. Maliketu says oh no now Nandini is in mahal now and if she tells abou last night it won’t be good for me,and sees Nandini behind him,and says Nandini I’m sorry for last night I know I was my mistake,Nandini says is ok maliektu don’t be scared it will be a secrete between us,sshhh, Chaya walks in,maliektu hides Nandini and cats as if praying and says lard please take care of Chaya and or baby.

Chaya says maliektu I wanted to talk about Nandini,she told me about everything and I want to know about your feelings do you still,maliektu says Chaya you are mine now and don’t think about all this and take care of our baby and hugs her and thinks there’s something wrong with Nandini, I have to find out what’s cooking in her mind.

Helina sees dasi going to Chandras room and asks what is going on,dasi says we are shifting maharani nandinis belongings,helina says ok and says how dare she already behind all this. Nandini looks at her books and remembers time spent with Chandra when he was ill and smiles,helina says Nandini how dare you I’m the main here I stay here and Chandra wants me to stay with me,Chandra say sshe will stay with me helina,till dadi is here,it’s just for dadi and when she leaves you can shift back,helina says ok Chandra if dadi feels better with I’m good too,Chandra says you are so good and understanding, helina leaves,Chandra says Nandini before i miss this opportunity I need to tell you I like you.

Pre cap : Nandini with maliketu in his arms says how long will I hide feelings for you,I always knew you have no feelings for Chaya and so I have decided to fast for you in this auspicious moment.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. What is happening in the precap???whatever it is but loved the episode specially when chandra confessed his love towards nandini.I think
    roopa in the precap.

    1. Jayani

      Yasmin di it can b none other than roopa her self, coz after all, nandini nd ? luv each other

      1. exactly…..

  2. Interesting episode,,,after long time.,

  3. wow so romantic episode
    chandr & nandni very nyc couple
    i love ??????this show

  4. One side Chandra is uttering his emotions to confused Nandini, other side duplicate Nandini is playing hide as and seek game with Malayketu… very interesting…. seems now the story will move on Roopa’s step.

  5. Waiting for Chandra Nandini drama bed room.

  6. Now it’s interesting to watch.. Twist reveals now… Again malaiketu escaped.. Nandhini r Roopa start flirting with dat idiot… Let’s c… Wr it’s going? Wt is going to happen?

  7. Preethi12345

    BEST EPISODE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    chandra confessed his love to nandini
    i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy
    i am on cloud nine
    but roopa will ruin everything!!!!

  8. i want to ask ektha what is the serial is this? and don’t you think you have ever done same story, same scenes in ur earlier serials?… what’s the difference?.. for this bakwas screenplay why you want chandragupta mourya?… in the name of historical same old story, same old screenplay…? shame on your team… i feel very bad about Rajat tokas… poor guy stuck with this useless ektha.. nothing interesting nor related to history… Rajat potential is getting wasted… Hope Rajat will get better role and best banner than balaji telefilms…

    1. Totally agree with u..why to disrespect historical characters to show such a low profile stuff.. Female lead is factious is the main failure of the show.. What to say..poor rajat.. Totally wasted here..

      1. Rajat ka jabra fan

        Guys totally agree with you…this is so stupid and ekta is really insulting our history,just to show her bakwas repeated ideas of her normal daily soaps by giving the name history or should I say royalty. I find her all soaps are same with different faces,the bride swap,memory loss,affairs etc etc,I being a rajat(parijat?)fan very disappointed now.he would better leave ekta and banner ,I swear I will definitely welcome him with open arms for his any role
        @parijat Im also unable to see my rajat and his talent wasting like this ? ekta is really insulting the great Chandra Gupta mourya and his respect…a big insult to mahaan chanukya
        Showing bakwas on the name of history. How on earth CGM is so dumb and stupid like the way ekta shows…she even didn’t spare to show Akbar also a dumb and jhoru je ghulam??
        @parijat don’t you feel ekta is repeating jodha Akbar story here???

      2. U are blo*dy idiots and fools, see my reply to u and another comment after yours….????

  9. Aww Chandra was so sweet chandini scenes rocked . I do not want this fake nandini ,Malay,helina go to hell…. I want the love confrontation of both Chandra and nandini. Loved the episode today.

  10. Jayani

    Thank god???… ? has confessed his luv for nandini… I’m sooooo happy for dem???… Nd I’m sure dat it is roopa in malay’s arms… Iditot… Nd watever exists in d world???… Nd I’m sure dat ? wud c dis nd b furious wid nandini… I jope he gets both of dem in d same frame at once so dat he wud understand dat there REALLY R 2 DIFFERENT PPL! Either ? shudn’t c dem lyk dat or c both nandini nd roopa on 1 frame… Waiting for such LUVLY scenes…

    Jai Siya Ram

  11. can anyone plz tell me who is roopa hera?? vaise m new here so hiii everyone

    1. Jayani

      Roopa is supposed 2 b nandini’s twin sister who was taken away for her stepmother at d tym of their birth

      1. thanks jayani for the info…

      2. Jayani

        Ur welcum di

  12. Wow lovely episode today .. Finally chandra expose his love ??. Chandra nd nandinin part s so lovely today … i hate roopa , malay , helena .. Plzz here after give some good nd lovely things bw chandra nd nandini bcz last week fully nandini crying … Crying .. Crying … Make some gud nd happy scences bw chandra nd nandini v fans r Waiting fr that…

  13. wow……..

  14. Y HV d name of the lead as Chandragupta Maurya….maybe jus to create ahype like Jodha Akbar…but this is real bakwaas going on….Chandragupta Maurya was d greatest king of Hindustan or early India…pls dont spoil his history like this

    1. blo*dy idiot, stop uttering foolish f*****g words. Don’t compare Chandra with Akbar, u ******

  15. Happy finally chandra expressed his feelings.. though nandhini fell sleep…..made my day

  16. Can you tell me what’s the difference between nandini and roopa bcoz both are wearing same dresses, jewellery hairstyles and thaali

    1. Jayani

      If u hav noticed, nandini walks in a girlish nd decent manner whereas, roopa walks more lyk a man

  17. Who is roopa?

  18. Did nandini GT kidanaped by roopa? Wat s dis black magic dat I keep reading in spoilers? Is Dr a roopa? Who is dat lady sunanda keep watching? Is it roopa or anyone who knows black magic?

    1. Jayani

      Sunanda keeps watching roopa who is ACTUALLY nandini’s twin sister… It’s just dat at sum places roopa goes in place of nandini as her nd does all rubbish work as d scene shown in d precap, smoking, etc

  19. Episode was good but who is that lady similar to Nandini, what confusion is this, in precap Why nandini is seductive with shaitaan Malai, Plz director give the clarifications as soon as possible.

  20. Praijat , brintah and Raj , i totally agreed with you, The whole serials here is same stream line with jodha akbar and rajat tokas acting was brillant , but here, what are we seeeing……
    using chandragupta mauray name to spoil the whole hostory into something which never happen.

    Chandragupta maurya is not just a king going after females and the Great King was busy speading his kingdom and of course he loved his wifes…but all the history mentioned very clealy it was durdurhara. The writers did not know what to write so they simplly changing here and there from jodha akbar serials to similar to chandra nandini.

    1. Rajat ka jabra fan

      Spunas its a copy cat of jodha Akbar and a disappointment to parijat/jodAk fans. Ekta didn’t find anything to show ,so using same script in the name Chandra Gupta mourya
      I find no difference between these two series….its an insult to history and great emperor Chandra Gupta mourya.

      1. U blo*dy Idiot, shut up???? and see my replies to other comments like yours, u bastard!!!!!!????

  21. I really don’t understand like the viewer commented there is no difference between nandini and roopa they are wearing the same clothes and everything else. Could it be Nandini and roopa is one and the same person perhaps she has a spit personality otherwise how would Roopa know what happened to Nandini during the day and only at night she retaliates
    it makes no sense unless they are the one and the same person.

    Just a thought I could be wrong.

  22. I M so happy for chandra express his love toward nandini, Now nandini’s turn to express her feeling toward chandra. I love both of them

  23. Bakwas show is a king has no work ‘only roaming around her wives ‘at least in jodhaakbar they show akbar ‘s cleverness ‘warrior side too but here only saas bahu drama ‘rt career goes high after akbar’s role but he lost everything what he gain from jodhaakbar ‘he looks same as other telewood actors nothing difference ”sBP most worst actress ‘irritating

    1. Exactly ekta Nigam I too feel the same,yaar ekta’s emperors are meant for only romancing and good for nothing,she spoiled even Rajat’s image ? she should see Mahabharat,siya ke ram and Devon ke dev mahadev and know what history or puranas means and how direct and how to write script even razia sultan,cas were better than this ekta’s bakwas historical shows..she just shows her SaaS bahu dramas in the name of history….first she spoilt Akbar and now Chandra Gupta mourya..really very disgusting

      1. AparnaPrasad

        I totaly agree wd u parii… siya wnt into earth jst bcz ram sent her away dat too for hs people…siya luvd ram more dan her life. Nandini is luving chandra and she is facing nly humiliations nd still in luv wd him..well being frank i luv to see nandini nd chandra together bt nandini frgt her prathishod fr her 9 brothers and pitamaharaj… thngs wr btr wen nandini nd chandra wr enemies.. nd thngs gt wrse nd pathetic wen it came to luv…chnadra i feel lik a silly yung man who is a puppet of chanakya and beliefs helena and malay who he realy dsnt lik…

    2. U r an idiot, and nothing else. We all know about these emperors. The shows are named as “Chandra Nandini” , “Jodha Akbar”. i.e. based on the love life.. a serial is named on the basis of its subject…..but u fools will never understand this….?????????????

  24. Guys parijat,raj,Rajat ka jabra fan,brintha,spuntus totally agree with your every point,this is a well deserved bashing for ekta,we shouldn’t stop it guys,she is really making a joke of our Indian history and insulting the great emperors Akbar and Chandra Gupta mourya

  25. Nandini is very sincere..I am not knowing y does husband chases a wife at night .. not understanding her…

    So foolish….

    I guess Nandini is under the witch craft of the badi ma..

    Roopa is a fake character

    1. Jayani

      Mayb s or mayb not… I hope she is a whichcraft???

  26. Wow???!!!! nice episode!!!!,???????
    Thanks Tanaya di for the update!!!!???????

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