Sasural Simar Ka 16th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 16th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The man comes, Sanjina says papa is here. His mom says you are always late and put the blame. He gets a call from his friend. Sanjina(simar) is hapoy at her new pace.
The cake arrives. Its their wedding anniversary. Sunnaina and the man cut the cake. they make the little girl eat the cake. The old lady says i wish sunnaina’s family was here with her. Simar says they don’t wanna be with me at any way.
The man says maa don’t say all this today. Its a good day.

Scene 2
At bharadwaj house the function is going on. Roli and sid dance on a song ‘shehna’. And there simar and her husband dance. Everyone is enjoying the beautiful time.

Scene 3
A man comes in an office. He says on call,the party was awesome. Vikran mehta arranged it. Let me see which picture of the party i would like to publish. He looks at the pictures.

there at house sanjina says there are so many gifts, I wanna open the gifts. Simar says no its time to sleep. Maa says i wanna talk to you sunnaina. Vikran is scared. She says leave. He takes sanjina and leaves. Maa says since you came in this house it has become heaven. You have been here for two years but you never talked about your family. I kniw they are angry with you marriage to Vikran. I was angry too but like I changed when i met you. They will change the perception too. Simar syas this is your humbleness. Baa says no its the love for you bith. Just meet your family. I know they will accept you and forget all that happened. Siamr recalls all her moments at the bahradwaj house. Baa says you are a mom too. You can understand how mush your mom loves you. She would be creaving for you. Simar recalls anjali. She is in tears. Baa says sunnaina waht happened. Simar says you said no one gets more than fate. I think in my fate their love for me was for that time only. I am dead for them. You people are my everything now. baa says you can’t talk to them but i can. Let me see how long they can be bugged. Simar says leave it. Its just gonna hurt all of us. Lets sleep its too late.
Baa says you beat about the bush today. Okay the let me know whenever you wanna meet them. I will take you to them. She makes baa sit on a wheel chair. She takes her to her room.

Scene 4
Simar comes to the room. Vikran is there. Simar asks is she slept ? He says yes. I am going to my room. You should sleep as well. He stops and turns back. He says ‘simar’. He says baa should never know that you sleep in sanjina’s room. Simar sasy i levae her in room and wake uop first so she would never know. He asks what did she talk about ? Simar says she was asking about my family. She asksed me to meet them. He asks what did you say? Simar says the truth, that i am dead for them. Nothing is left. he says baa should never know that sanjina is not your daughter and you are not sunnaina. Simar says till the day you are on your promise this secret will just be between us. He leaves.

Precap-Roli comes to the place where simar met the accident. Sge sees a lady there. A truck is behing her. She saves the lady.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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