Saraswatichandra 16th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 16th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kumud cooking for Saras. She says its done, now Saras should come soon. The bell rings and she smiles. She opens the door and Saras comes with a man. He tells Kumud that he is selling plants. Kumud smiles and buys some plants. Kumud plants them and is very happy. She says when flowers grow in this, it will look beautiful. He says not more than you, I know your choice so I brought this. Saras says I m tired, I was not at home, did you miss me. She says not even once. He says fine and turns to sleep. She says I missed you a lot. Saras says really. She says yes.

He asks how was your day. She tells how the door got locked. Prashant helped her. He says thank God, we have a landlord like Prashant, some people told me that landlord trouble the tenant a lot. She says this won’t happen with us. She wishes the watchman does not disturb them tonight, and he does. Saras sees him beating the gates and whistling. Saras shouts asking him to stop it. He says he is the same one, I will talk to him. Kumud says let it be. He says you sleep, I will come. He leaves.

Saras comes downstairs and asks what are you doing, why are you shouting and whistling. The guard says I m doing my duty honestly. Saras says I m unable to sleep. The guard says everyone are happy with me, they praise me, after I came here, no thief comes here as they are afraid of me. Saras explains him to catch thief and not awake people. The guard says who will you explain the aunty. Saras asks who aunty. The guard says you will know it tomorrow. Saras says if you make any noise now, I will not leave you. He goes back to the flat. The guard says tomorrow will be real fun.

Anushka is talking to herself saying girls are stupid to believe men. Kusum asks what happened. Anushka says men are shameless, and tells about Radhika’s husband, he cheated her and filed the divorce, how can he do this, he gave the reason that he is not happy with her, he has put all the blame on her, I would have not left him if I was in his place. Kusum thinks. Kumud asks the maid Sangeeta to see the oil on the pan. Sangeeta says sorry, it was dark here, I could not see. Kumud switches on the lights and asks what happened to the fridge.

Sangeeta says yes, its off. Kumud says I have to call the mechanic, else everything will get spoiled. Kumud sees Sangeeta not doing good work and thinks she was doing it well yesterday, what happened to her today. Saras calls Kumud asking about his belt. She goes and gives him. He says you should get the Best wife award. He stops her and gets romantic. He says about his meeting and asks for a good luck kiss. She says move, let me go. Sangeeta comes and Saras moves away. She says I have to sweep. Kumud says later, first keep the clothes for drying. Saras asks his sandwich. Sangeeta says I will pack it. Kumud leaves. Saras says Kumud and goes after her.

Vidyachatur says I m going to factory with Danny. Badimaa, Guniyal and Kusum come to go to the market. Kusum asks Anushka to take care of the home. Anushka says don’t worry, it will be fine. Everyone leave. Anushka says I don’t have any work today, I will relax. Kabir thinks everyone went to leave us alone, intentionally, but it will happen what I want. Kumud asks Saras to call the fridge mechanic. He says I kept something in the drawer. She says you are spoiling me, later on you will regret. He says I love such regretting. He leaves.

Kabir talks to someone and says don’t worry, I will bring my revolver and kill him. Anushka gets scared hearing this. She says what to do now. Kabir smiles and leaves. Saras bumps into Prashant and says I m sorry. I did not see you. Prashant asks is there any problem. Saras says the fridge is not working and I was calling my secretary. Saras gets a call. Prashant says shall I drop you. Saras says no taxi will be reaching. Saras leaves for office. Kumud checks the drawer and gets a beautiful bangle. Piya re……….plays………Sangeeta smiles seeing her so happy and says Saras is very nice. Kumud says I know, end the work soon.

Kumud keeps it and goes out of the room. Anushka thinks to call Kusum. She says why is Kusum not taking the call, Lord help me please. She hides seeing Kabir. Kabir sees her hiding and goes in kitchen. She says why did he go there. She sees him staring at a knife holding it. She says revolver and now knife, he looks a professional murderer. Kabir keeps the knife and drinks water. She says he is looking so cold like a serial killer.

Saras waits at the gate and meets the guard. He scolds him. The taxi comes and Saras leaves. Kabir says I m coming. Anushka thinks to do something. She calls Kusum again. She sees Kabir taking the revolver from the cupboard. Kabir says I will aim only once and six in. She thinks what to do and shuts his door. He says who shut the door. She says thank God, he will be in for some time. Kabir asks her to open the door. She says I won’t open it till anyone comes.

Kumud opens the door. The fridge mechanic comes. She shows him the fridge. She calls Saras. He says sorry I forgot to send the mechanic. She says but he came, did you not send him. She asks the man. He says Prashant has sent me. Saras says I told Prashant about this problem. Saras says he is a nice man. She agrees and ends the call. Saras is getting late for office and apologizes to the driver for scolding him. The man repairs and says I don’t take money from Prashant, he is a nice man, he helped me a lot in my bad time. He leaves. Kumud smiles.

Anushka tells everyone that Kabir is going to kill someone. Everyone is shocked. Anushka tells them everything what Kabir said to someone on phone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I know Jenifer is married in real life but she needs to loose up a little bit with her on screen character. The show is getting boring by the day.

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