Sasural Simar Ka 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 16th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar sees the woman going downstairs. Simar follows her. She vanishes when simar gets downstairs. Simar sees her near temple. Simar hides behind a pillar and keeps following her. Simar looks fro, behind the curtain, the woman turns back. Simar is shocked to see that she vanishes. Simar says where can she go? simar says this red door is kept closed mostly. she has gone in from that window? If she has opened the door besides temple, its for sure that she isn’t any ghost. Simar goes towards that door. Simar says should I go there or not? Simar says I am ready to risk my life for my family. I have to go there.

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Aman tries to call her but her phone is unreachable. Aman says how can we know that shurti is in the house or not? She is not outside. We wont give up. go to her house and see there I will check here. we have to find some clue. she came here for some reason. aman sees shadow of a woman.

Simar goes near the red door and looks in from the key hole, she sees those green eyes, simar is sacred. Aman follows the shadow and holds shurti’s hand. Shurti is sacred. Aman says you made me follow you, you have no connection with that house right? what are you doing here at this time? you are the woman who is playing games wih Bhardwaj family right? speak up. Simar steps back in fear. She collides with the idol and the stuff falls down. Simar’s saari is stuck in a metal. Simar stands up and runs to her room. She bolts the door and lies on her bed. She says Oh God what I saw behind that door. it cant be true. prem says simar what happened why are you so worried? simar says I am okay, sleep. Prem says how can I sleep suddenly voice changes to a woman’s and says you have changed your path. simar looks back prem is asleep, the woman is in front of her. simar stands up in fear.
The woman comes near her. simar picks a vase, someone turns on the lights. simar is dazed. its roli on the other side. Simar says comes in front of her in disbelief. She says didi. simar says she can’t be my roli who is she? She says didi? simar says prem ji please wake up. Roli holds prem’s hand and says don’t worry come with me. I wont do anything. why are you worried? he wont get up. in fact no one in the house will. I mixed something in the milk. you didn’t drink it. you got up and followed me. you got to know my reality just like leela and daksh, She says I sent you after them to wipe them from my path. She tells how she met leela and daksha at busstand, she said don’t tell anyone anything and leave. you know leela what have I lost. I wont get it back. I request you don’t tell I to anyone. She leela came here to tell you about my reality. before you could meet and leela and know about me I hypnotized you and sent you after them. you ran after them but my hypnotize was getting weak and you fainted. I had to kill them both. you can understand my issue. they would have told my secret to everyone. now you know about it.

Precap-roli says let is stay just the way it is. let me stay here as roli. I wont harm sanju. suddenly she see that simar has vanished. she looks for her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. So who is shruti?

  2. Remember.. Sid is bitten by snake…so new roli..sara khan .. Is came to take revenge as a iccha dhari nagin….it is so ridiculous…

    1. ys… this is the truth

  3. Yay!! that means shruti is our roli… Right???

  4. I missed today’s episode il watch repeat tomorrow hope it was interesting

  5. Who is shruti ? She is Roli .can’t understand it

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