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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun talking to her mum and giving all updates. Poornima says Mihir said he is shifting Singapore, to forget his pain, but I know him very well, he can’t stay away from loved ones. Shagun says don’t worry and ends the call. She says Raman is giving him promotion, then why is Mihir going to Singapore. Ishita gets ready and Raman compliments her. They have a sweet nok jhok. Shagun stops Raman and asks why is Mihir leaving for Singapore, when you are promoting him. Raman says I m not sending him. Ishita says Mihir wants to go. Raman asks you knew it. She says yes, he came to take my advice, he wants to go away from Mihika’s decision.

Raman says I m promoting him, did he not say this. She says no. He says I won’t let him go there and stay alone, he will work here. She says she is thinking about his heart, he is broken, he is getting a chance to go far and start fresh, you should respect his opinion. Raman says I know him, I will decide where he goes, he will stay here. She argues and says he will go where he wants. He asks why will Mihir run, when his family is here, its your sister’s marriage, he won’t run. She says even you have run Raman, leaving Ruhi and family to get away from memories. Raman says yes, I have run as my heart was broken, I was cheated, Shagun was with someone else and I was unable to bear it. I was restless and my pain got less when you came in my life, I went to Mumbai to make my career good. I m doing this for Mihir.

She argues. He says I want him to meet Ashok and Mihika, and Ashok should see Mihir successful. She says you want this. Shagun smiles seeing them argue. She asks them not to fight. Ishita says we are talking, not fighting. Shagun says Raman has habit to shout, if kids see this, they will feel you both have problem. Raman and Ishita ask her to mind her business. Shagun says fine, let Adi see how is his dad shouting. Raman says Adi is at home, why are you arguing, Adi will see me like this. Ishita says Adi is not at home, he went down with dad, I m not fool to fight before kids, go alone, I won’t come. He says you can’t be right all the time. She says I m right this time. He says Mihir won’t go anywhere. She goes to her room. Shagun smiles. Ishita is angry and Shagun comes to her.

Shagun apologizes to her and says mum told me about Mihir, I was worried, as he is my younger brother and I don’t want him to go. Ishita says lets end this topic. Shagun says Raman does not care about anyone in anger, he has to prove he is right. Ishita says I know my husband very well, the one with whom you stayed was someone else, and this Raman Bhalla is someone else, Raman has changed with time, we don’t fight, our thinking differs, I know his habits well, and I got habitual of his habits. Shagun says I was giving tip. I know him since many years, I was sharing it. Ishita says thanks. Shagun turns and sees Vandu. She leaves.

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Vandu asks why was she saying between you and Raman. Ishita says leave it. Vandu says you know she does everything by some plan, don’t give her chance to talk in between you both, she has no right, she left Raman, she better mind her own business. Ishita says yes, is there anything. Vandu says yes, and shows the sonography report. Ishita smiles seeing the baby. Raman talks to Mihir and says he fought with Ishita as she was taking his side. He says you are not going Singapore, if you argue, I will slap you. Is this the option, will you forget Mihika, even I tried to run, but Ishita has beaten me, I realized pain goes to face it, take this promotion, divert mind in work. You will forget everything, you are more than brother for me, even I want you to get less pain, face it, face the fear and pain, come out of it. He says he has to go and talk to Ishita. He leaves.

Mihir says they fought again because of me. Its morning, Suraj talks to Ashok and asks about Mihika. Ashok says its her drama to vomit again and again, I told her to show to doctor. He receives a courier. Mihika says its my report. She checks it and Ashok asks what happened, mild acidity?

She is shocked and says no, I m pregnant. Ashok says what and checks it. He says you are two months pregnant, and faints. Suraj holds him and asks whats this. Mihika thinks see my new drama now. Raman gets ready. Ishita sees the bed messed up and taunts him. Raman argues and says I spoke to Mihir, he is not going to Singapore, accept your mistake. She asks how is it my mistake, you shouted and changed his decision. She sas you accepted Adi is not my son, I knew Adi is not a home and I was talking that way. He says whats your problem. She asks why did he shout on her infront of others. He asks who others, Shagun? She says yes, how can you shout like this, is this right.

He says you got her and Adi in this house, you did right to get Adi, why did you get Shagun. She says she is caring for his happiness, we are husband and wife. They argue again. She says she won’t talk to him. Romi calls him and he leaves. She says Raavan Kumar is back to Raavan Kumar, he can’t change.

Mihika and Suraj try waking up Ashok. She asks what happened to you, I m pregnant and you are fainting. Ashok asks her to see whats this. She says its pregnancy report. He asks how can you be pregnant. She says its embarrassing, did you not study biology in school. He says he did not touch her. She says yes, its Mihir’s child, we dated for so many years and had relation. He says you are my wife, how can you bear his child. She says don’t shout, its bad for the baby, lets go and tell everyone. He says have you lost your mind, go and rest. She leaves and smiles.

The family has good time doing arm wrestling between Mr. Bhalla and Romi. Raman comes there murmuring and see them. Adi smiles seeing them. Raman sits and tries his hand with Romi. He says he is angry and sees Ishita, and he has to get his anger out in some way. Ishita looks on. Mr. Bhalla supports Romi. Adi walks there and sees them. He smiles seeing Shagun support Raman in winning. Everyone is shockd. Ishita stands still.

Raman is shocked as Shagun and Adi’s belongings are missing. He asks Ishita. She says I don’t know. He panics and argues saying his son is missing, is this her duty, and scolds her.

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  1. Hey …Hi Guys……….
    Tum sab ne SBS SBB me dekha wo Pongal ki pooja chal rahi thi…..usme bichme aag ke upar ek mataka rakha tha…..usme ponagal ban raha tha……..kya tum me se kisine pongal khaya hai???? Maine ek baar khaya tha…….

  2. But sirf Ishita ko pataa chalne se kyq hoga………….pehle yeh Aadi ke pyar me pagal Family ko samjao Shagun ka intension…………..& pls yaar yeh drame ko jan ke End ke saqth hi End kardo……..hume Feb me koi drama nahi chahiye……..

  3. Hey don’t worry. …..
    iss news se toh lagaraha hai ki. ….jald hi shagun ka. …patta saaf hone wala hai. …….I hope k. ….iss news main likha Sach ho jaye. …..k. ..ishita ko pata chal jaye ga. ..shagun kya karrahi hai. .uss ka intentions kya hai. ………

  4. Shagun puts an act infront of all and tells Ishita not to apologize but Adi remains firm on his decision and Ishita apologizes, while Raman is upset and guilty for Ishita. Adi finally agrees to return and thinks he can easily throw Ishita out of house sooner, while Shagun is happy as her plans work.

    But we hear from sources that soon Ishita will learn about Shagun’s intentions and will give back her , looks like the makers got to know about fans disappointed with current track.

    Let’s watch what new drama is yet to come and if romance will broom between Raman and Ishita…….

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