Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 16th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Abhiman tells Ratna that when he used to fall, he used to apply soil on his wounds. His wounds have healed, but pain is still engraved in heart. He says he has to get used to ice and heat as he will not get soil in Roy mansion. Ratna and everyone get sad hearing that. Daadi says Abhiman’s wound is deep and they have to apply ointment of love on it. Rathi says we have only 1 day in this house. Soniya asks her to talk good.

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Soniya and family sees flower bouquet and ask who brought them. Abhiman says he brought them as they worked hard to unite him wit his family. He gives flowers to each of them and says they made him realize what love is and he thought it is his duty to farewell them with flowers. Daada says he asked 3 days and still 1 day is left. He says he knows and he is just reminding them to do their packing. Ratna says she transferred Raghav’s share in his name and wants to spend rest of life with her both sons, but why he wants to separate Raghav from her. He says he can understand her emotions, says Raghav took all her love and even after 22 years, she is thinking only about Raghav, he does not have any problem with Raghav but wants his mom’s total attention on him. She asks how can she do that. He shouts and asks where was she for 22 years when he needed her attention. He says today is 3 rd day and if Raghav is seen tomorrow morning, he will leave her house and will never come back. Soniya says Raghav will do the same and they all just want to spend a happier moment with him until they are here. He says they have only today’s time and they can do whatever they like. Ratna starts crying. Soniya calms her down and says when we have not done anything, then why will god do wrong to us, soon Raghav and Abhiman both will hug her.

Abhiman in his room looks at mirror and says he does not have any issues with Raghav as he did not know he has a brother, but Ratna knew everything and he wants to punish her for her mistake. Deepika knocks door and comes in. She asks if he still wants Soniya and Raghav to go, if yes even she will go with Soniya as she cannot stay without her. She gives him envelope and asks him to open it only if he changes his mind and does not to send out Raghav and Soniya. He asks what if he does not change his mind. She asks not to open that envelope then. He wishes her all the best and leaves. He thinks he knows that is written in envelope, but he does not know what fate has for him.

Raghav gets ready for office and thanks Soniya for trying to keep his family united. She says even when she is not there, his family will be together. He asks her not to think like that. She sees brow hair falling, keeps it on his hand and asks to make a wish. He wishes and blows it. She asks what did he wish. He says when wish will fulfill, he will tell her. She emotionally hugs him tightly. He jokes with her and makes her sit on bed. He asks if Raghav will get convinced. She says like he convinced her to marry him, he will convince even Abhiman. He says she is the best part of his life.

Raghav says Soniya that he is worried thinking about tomorrow, he is thinking as if it is their last night here and he wants to spend some quality moments with her. She says she is there with him. He says he wants to spend some time with her. She says he must be thinking about honeymoon and says once Abhiman gets convinced, they can go to honeymoon. He says he wants to go out with her right now. She asks where. He says he does not know.

Deepika asks Anjali about Soniya. Anjali says she went out with Raghav. Deepika says we have to convince Abhiman and force him to hug Raghav.

Raghav and Soniya reach a market. She asks if they can have icecream. He buys her icecream. She asks him to feed her, but he eats himself and smiles. She acts as getting angry. He feeds her and they both enjoy ice cream and quality moment.

Precap: Raghav tells Soniya that he used to spend time near this tree whenever he used to get sad in his childhood. He says he met even a girl here. She asks if he gifted her something. He says yes and asks how does she know. She signals she is that girl.

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